Wing and CH650B photo guide questions

Hey Folks,

I have a few questions.

I'm currently working on the 650B wings, and will likely go with a single dynon skyview display...i will be using the dynon AOA pitot which i will have to purchase now.  

1.  Are there any other sensors/components that have to be installed in the wing for skyview?  (besides AOA Pitot)

2.  Does the Dynon AOA pitot come with a cable assembly, and if not, from your experience, where can such a cable be acquired (or i can make) and how long do i need.  Also, is there any extra plumbing required from what is supplied with the wing kit?

3.  if i decide on the Dynon AP servo's, are these located in the wing or fuselage? (ie, should i purchase now?)

4.  are there photo guide updates for the CH650 or 650B?  I'm in the process of doing the flaps and trim, and have photo guides that don't agree with drawings (i know drawings always take precedence), and add the 650B mods on top of that (luckily my wings weren't started when the mod kit arrived)

5. are there 650B drawings, or just mod updates?


Thanks mucho for your help!



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Comment by Bob Pustell on October 28, 2011 at 6:15pm
Safeair also makes a very nice pitot tube mounting mast. I intend to use it. (The Dynon angle of attack/pitot probe is only the probe, they do not include a mount). Safeair has discovered a cracking problem with their original unit, and to their credit, they are replacing any old units with new for people who want to do it. They make good products. The "joggle" in the mounting base is to clear the trailing edge of the main spar in an RV aircraft. It is not needed in our birds, I do not think. The flat mounting flange area has plenty of meat available to mount the mast to the lower wing skin, even without using the joggle area. I plan to mount mine ahead of the large inspection/access plate for the aileron bellcrank, just aft of the spar. I may use that joggle, I may not. Like John Davis, I plan to use the Safeair plumbing kit to hook the thing up, looks like a well thought out system.
Comment by Peter Keast on October 28, 2011 at 6:06pm
Thanks Tim and John!

John, there is nothing for you to envy;) I'm a little bit away from flying! Thanks for the advice. I will be buying the safe air kit shortly...I had no idea it existed....this is exactly the information I was looking for. Now I need to look at the fuel system and other wiring wing connections. Did you use specific connectors at the wing for fuel/nav/servos wiring/plumbing?
Comment by John Davis on October 28, 2011 at 3:51pm

Hi Peter,


I've got the Dynon D-180 but it looks like the Skyview uses the same pitot probe, in that case the AOA is plumbed with the same type of tubing as the Pitot, I used the tubing and quick attach connectors from


The Dynon servos will mount in the fuselage, nothing in the wing for those.


Have fun on your build, I'm jealous of your Skyview, someday I'll have to trade out my D-180 :-)


Good Luck,



Comment by Tim Smart on October 27, 2011 at 4:03pm
I can't help except to answer your 5th question. I purchased 650B plans in Dec 2010. The photo guides ( on the disc) I believe are of the 601, but the plans are not. The few questions I have asked Zenith, they have been very good and prompt in answering. Sorry I can't help you on anything else, you are much farther than me in your build. Good luck in your building.

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