Installation of a Dynon Skyview System in CH601/CH650

Hi All


I am planning to replace the old style gauges in my CH601XL-B with a complete Dynon Skyview System including Autopilot and Dynon Angle of Attack probe.

I found a couple of examples of installing the autopilot servo's in a CH601XL, which is a big help.

But I do have a few other questions:

Question 1

I am not sure where to put the ADAHRS unit in a CH601/CH650. I like to avoid re-inventing the wheel. Maybe there is someone out there who has already done this and could advise me?

Question 2

Where is the best place for placing a new set of static ports on a CH601/CH650?

I want to replace the existing pitot/static port with the Dynon Pitot/Angle of Attack probe. This probe does not have a static port. So a suitable place has to be found for a new set of static ports. Any suggestions?

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Comment by Dave Gardea on June 18, 2012 at 7:55am

Hi Ben,

I had moved my site since I provided the link below. The correct link is now



Comment by Ben Meyer on June 17, 2012 at 8:26pm

Hi Dave

How is your Skyview behaving?

I wanted to have another look at the pictures of your ADHARS installation, but couldn't. I get the message that the site is temporary unavailable? Is there another way?

Kind Regards


Comment by Ben Meyer on October 27, 2011 at 11:25pm

Hi Dave


Thanks for your comments and pictures! They are really helpful.  Especially since you have installed it and flown with it.

I am in the process of planning the whole thing in detail and finding out where the questions are and what else I need in parts and tools to do the job properly. You have solved several question marks for me!


Thanks and kind regards




Comment by Dave Gardea on October 27, 2011 at 11:38am

Ben, here's another pic looking forward from my ADAHRS location .. you can see the pitot/static tubing coming from the front of the ADAHRS unit. Note the distance to the flap arm.

Hope that helps.



Comment by Dave Gardea on October 27, 2011 at 7:06am

Hi Ben,

I have no interference from the flap actuator arm .. the photo makes it look closer than it is. I mounted the ADAHRS 90 degrees to the horiz floor stiffeners for yaw positioning and also leveled the mounting plate with a digital level for pitch and roll. That does assume the plane is sitting somewhat level on the hangar floor .. I know this does not represent exact flight pitch attitude since the Zodiac flys fairly nose high, but you will also be able to tune these settings on the Skyview calibration if needed.

Under the aft end of the baggage deck there's plenty of room to route your static tubing to the ADAHRS. I hangar my plane so have not had a moisture problem as of yet in the static tubing. I placed the Dynon pitot/AOA probe in the same location Zenith recommends for their pitot/static.



Comment by Ben Meyer on October 26, 2011 at 10:27pm

Hi Dave

Thanks for your reply and good to hear the position of your ADAHRS unit works well. You have an interesting web page and I like your 650!!


Two questions about the position of the ADAHRS:


 -The ADAHRS unit is not far from the flap actuator arm and I was wondering if the movement of this arm has an effect on the magnetic heading generated by the ADAHRS?


- How did you line up the ADARHS unit so that it is within 1 degree of parallel to all 3 aircraft axes?  

I guess for vertical (yaw) and longitudinal (roll) it is probably ok to position the ADAHRS  parallel to the fuselage bottom cross stiffeners?  But what should the lateral (pitch) position be in a 650?  Could “tin canning” of the bottom sheet be a problem?


Static ports:

I take it that the position of the static ports in your 650 gives an accurate reading of the airspeed on both the ASI and the Skyview  panel?

Also if the static ports are just baggage deck there is not a lot of room for the tubes that connect to the ports, to initially go up so that any water can drain out and does not work its way to the ADAHRS.  How did you solve that?


Dynon pitot/angle of attack tube:

Where did you place the Dynon pitot/angle of attack tube; I could not find this on any of your pages?


Hope I don’t take too much of your time with all my questions?!





Comment by Dave Gardea on October 26, 2011 at 12:18pm


I installed a Dynon Skyview in my CH650 and installed the ADAHRS unit just ahead of the fuselage hatch on the pilot's side. See a pic at

This was in close proximity to the static ports which I placed on the each side of the fuselage immediately below the baggage deck and directly above the flaps.

I routed the pitot tubing from the left wing under the pilot seat where I installed a T to route the pitot tubing thru the center console both to the panel (I backed up the Skyview with both an airspeed indicator and altimeter) and back down the console to the ADAHRS unit. Static tubing is also routed from the ADAHRS location back up the center console to the panel.The ADAHRS network cable was routed up under the left longeron.

After more than 50 flight hours, this ADAHRS location had worked well and I feel it's in an easily accessible location to be serviced when needed in the future.



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