Started on the firewall with the installation of the mount and the oil reservoir .

Taa Daa !! We have installation of a Rotax 912ULS on the nose of a STOL 750, I have more pictures of the early part of this install and will include them in my photo album when I have a little time at the hanger.

Installation of the engine is quite simple so far, the muffler was a bear to get in, but they all are actually, so far the extra bars on the mount have not affected installation, though I will have to design a choke installation and a couple of other minor adjustments that I will discuss with Zenith tomorrow.

I have left the covering on the rad and oil cooler to reduce the risk of damage while doing the installation.

The zip ties are only temporary, I use them to place the hoses then I will add proper clamps when everything is finalized. I believe I will also have to move the hoses from the water pump to the heads to gain a little clearance. I will let you know what I do in a future blog.

Well that is the progress over the weekend, I spent a bit of time Sun morning with the family having breakfast, remember they are the most important part of your life and you must share your time with them. I have been spending alot of time at the hanger lately but we had made arrangements for me to do that prior to the kit's delivery. I doubt I would have gotten much further if I skipped breakfast, so it was a nice timne to spend with my family. I was able to also get the brake cyls in the cabin and do a little clean up in the shop.

I cannot go any further on the FWF now until I have some more parts and try to get a few things changed, keep in mind that this is the first Rotax installation into the 750 and we did expect changes so that when you are ready to install one in your plane everythingt should be taken care of making the installation as easy as the rest of this plane has been. SO far I am very happy with the progress of the FWF installation, I have run into issues I knew would be a problem and a couple that i didn't expect, but so far everything is quite minor and is typically just a line routing issue or an additional part to the FWF package is needed. I will follow up with Zenith to get some advice on my proposed changes and let you know what I did at a later blog. Tomorrow I will start on the controls, then the windshield.

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Comment by Mark Townsend on February 24, 2009 at 7:01pm
HI Craig, while the Rotax has and is still enjoying a great reputation in the 701 series i thas not becoem the engine of choice in the U.S. for the 601 and 650 series, that honor went to the Jabiru 3300. While the Rotax was not popular in th eU.S. it still was in both Europe and in Canada. The 750 Rotax FWF is a derivitive of that kit manufactured in Canada by Zenair. I am ht efirt to install one in a 750 and so far everythign is going well, there are very minor changes needed for the 750 over the 650 but I am very happy with how it is going together so far. You will see more information on the installation soon, through this blog then on the Can-Zac Website.

Comment by Craig Payne on February 24, 2009 at 4:50pm
So is the motor mount and FWF kit from Zenith? Was it designed for the 601 or the 750? I've poked around the Zenith/USA site and they don't seem to offer a 601/Rotax FWF kit.
Comment by Mark Townsend on February 23, 2009 at 12:59pm
I would love to say I have a large group here to help but I am afraid it is just me pretty much. My wife has been in a couple of times to do some de-burring, but she has also just had carpel tunnel surgery and is unable to do anything Quickly. But I think the world of her, I could see her wince a few times while running the file and she just kept on trying, I actually had to step in a few times to have her sit down, as she has had a knee replacement recently and is still recovering from that also . I have tried to find reasons for her to stay home or when at the hanger to just sit in the chair and read her book. I have had a couple of people in and I put them to work pulling rivets, this actually costs me time as I will not do anything else but watch over them and talk about construction. They feel great for having helped me and they truly enjoy it. So do I, once again watching someone realize that they can in fact do the job is just a treat.

Comment by Debra and Patrick Nesbitt on February 22, 2009 at 10:46pm
How big of army you got working on the 750 Mark? Awesome progress and R & D.

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