I have been helping a customer  build a 750

so far the fuse is almost complete , and it has been an enjoyable build , with all the new CNC parts and match drilling

I have had a few things that have come up and i thought i would share them

  I know that the kit is fairly new and there is bound to be some little issues

on thing i have found was on the part   75f11-3

     Rear Seat Channel

The plans call for one edge to have a  90 degree bend and one to have a 78 degree bend .

  when i put it in with the pre drilled parts i noticed that it was a very tight fit to the seat pan

and it was putting a lot of pressure on the gear channel also

 I took a look at the part and noticed that both flanges where bent at 78 degress

I just bent  one flange to 90 and  that make it fit like it should


part #75f9-7 

Upper firewall Channel

just a small thing here , the photo assemble guide showed it on the back side and it to go on the front of the firewall

 I think they just had pics of the 601 install  , which is similar nose gear setup


 and when i was putting both halves of the fues together the photo assemble guide did not have any info on the 75F6-6 side channel doubler  and the 75F4-9  longerron gusset


i installed the gascolator as plans call for  and noticed the the space to run fuel lines , wire ,anttena,... is small

 so i cut access panels on the rear luggage floor and under the seat to  be able to get to it for install and future maintance


just a few things  that guys should look for


cant say enough good things  about the kit and really look forward to flying  it



Tracy Buttles





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Comment by Tracy Buttles on February 21, 2011 at 5:12pm


i never measured the height , (i asumed) but i did see the tight fight and having to put a lot of pressure on that gear channel , thats when i check the flange .

 like i said it wasnt a big isue but some guys might be scratching their heads.

im sure the guys at Zenith will have it fixed

Comment by Doug MacDonald on February 21, 2011 at 11:55am

Tracy, I'm helping a friend build a 750 kit and we are also having trouble with the "Z" under the back of the seats.  The plans call for them to be 25mm tall but the ones Zenith is supplying are 27mm.  That extra 2mm make things pretty tight.


When we were in Mexico picking up the last kits a couple of weeks ago, we exchanged the Zs for a new set. The replacements were also 27mm so were really not any help.  I have some 063 left from my scratch 701 so I am thinking of bending up a set at 25mm to see if they fit any better.


Doug MacDonald

NW Ontario, Canada

Comment by Caleb Gebhardt on February 16, 2011 at 8:50am

Thanks Tracy for posting this info, I will look into those items and get the missing info added to the photo guide.


Roy, with the 3300 there shouldn't be a need for any counterweight in the tail of the 750. The CG position is relatively aft within the CG envelop with the Jabiru 3300 installed when fully loaded. There shouldn't be any problems using heavier engines on the 750. Our demo aircraft first had the Continental O-200 installed without CG issues, the CG was near the center of the range. Depending on what engine it is and the length of the engine mount, I don't think there will be any problems with installing an engine that weighs 125kg. Let me know if you have any questions on CG.

Comment by Roy Visona` on February 16, 2011 at 5:11am

Tracy, do you know about alternative engine weights in the 750? I mean a friend mounted the 3300 Jabiru but had to add 7kg of aft counterweights in the tail boom, now another wants to install an engine that weights 125Kg (5+ than Lycoming) and he's afraid it'll knock off the W&B moments...I'm looking for info to help.



Comment by Steven Ward on February 15, 2011 at 11:25pm
Thanks for the great info.

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