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Cowl Thermal Blanket, DIY

Update October 20, 2013. We've seen temps into the high 20's. The thermal blanket is working well. A 60 watt light bulb works well, along with the 25 watt heat pad in the oil cooler plenum. At 25F OAT temps are, oil 59F, engine EGT/CHT 45F, airbox/cowl temp is 51F. My experience has been that engine/oil temps over 45F, the engine will start quickly.

I'm going to order a 50 watt heat pad, that is a better size for this climate. More data later.


Another flying season…


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XL Canopy Safety Lock/Pin - Simple solution

I'm reposting this for those of you that don't have a canopy safety lock. There are other options, don't choose, none of the above.


We had this discussion a year or so ago, I installed a temporary solution until I was able to come up with a simple solution. The potential problem had been the canopy opening in flight, not a good thing. Like many of you, I wanted to add a Lock/latch/pin that was engaged after closing the canopy and engaging the…


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Sound and heat insulation - Flight test update

Update June 16, 2012. I've managed a couple of flights since installing the sound insulation. The first flight was after some Bing carb adjustments and it seemed like the engine was running smoother. Later I realized it was the sound insulation, duh.

Just completed another flight and the Thermo-Tec Suppressor mat has reduced the engine and dual exhaust significantly.

Original post -----------------

I've been meaning to add a barrier under the cabin floor to deal…


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JabiruXL WOT and assorted performance numbers

Weather finally cooperated and was able to do some flight testing with the new oil cooler assembly. Now that temps are under control, I can push the airplane. Using a Sensenich wood W64ZK-51 cruise prop.

WOT, 3,140 rpm, 143mph, 130knots, 6,370'. Oil temp 177F, hottest CHT 275F. My EGT's continue to run hot, hmm.

That run was after I had leveled off. Next picture…


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XL seat bottom modification

I've wanted to change the seat bottom 6B18-6 from a curved piece to an angle so my two piece seat cushions would fit better. It would also allow for the use of a booster cushion under the seats if necessary.

Thought about using a hinge after cutting the seat bottom in two pieces, but the solution was much easier. On my XL the distance to the top of the rear gear channel is 147mm. After removing the seat bottom, I noticed the the midpoint on the curve was 140mm. The co-pilot seat…


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XL Jabiru CHT's

On my flight from Idaho to Prineville, my #3 CHT was running high. I had modified the system for diverting air, the left side was running well, so I went back to my original system on the right side. Still need to do some tweaking, but I'm happy with the numbers. The original diverters were made of fiberglass and I'm trying to recreate using aluminum to increase…


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Moving day. Mountain Home, ID (U76) to Prineville, OR (S39)

The day finally came to move the airplane. Flight testing was completed in November 2010, but I had been unable to find a hangar in Astoria, OR. We moved to Bend, OR in March and I finally found a hangar in Prineville, 45 minutes from the house. It's not easy working on an airplane when it is 6-10 hours away. I was averaging 120mph ground speed running the engine about 2,650 rpm. Total mileage was right at 300 miles at 6,500' to 8,000'. I'll get better numbers now that I have easy access to…


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Update - Authorization for Special Issuance of a Medical Certificate

Went in for my flight physical on June 27th and passed. All my data was current with the FAA and I was issued a temporary Third Class Medical Certificate valid until the FAA sent a letter with the requirements to maintain the Special Issuance.

The letter arrived yesterday and I have been granted a 6 year Authorization for Special Issuance of Medical Certification, expires 2017. They have also changed my requirement to submit data to every 24 months to coincide with the flight…


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Repairman Certificate Amateur Built

Finally got around to applying for my Repairman Certificate. My XL is an EAB, Experimental Amateur Built. I applied last year when I received my Airworthiness, but it was kicked back by the Salt Lake City FSDO. You are required to apply in person, Boise and Portland have the same requirement.

I had been using my plans as my building log, writing the date on the pages that section was completed. There were many pictures stored on my laptop. And I sent the link to my Blog page here at…


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Jabiru dual exhaust

Thought I would post a blog for those of you interested in using dual exhaust on the Jabiru powered XL, 650 and 750. I believe if you're using the stock Jabiru cowl there will be no modifications, the pipes should have enough clearance. I went down a different path with a custom cowl.

I used a Hooker Reducer as the collector, 2.5" to 2" and then had the muffler shop make the pipes. The pipes are identical and I rotate to get the position I like. The Hooker Reducer needs to be shaped to… Continue

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XL Inside Canopy Latch upgrade and cable adjustment

This started out as a simple task, replace the stock knob with some sort of handle. In the middle of the simple project I had to adjust the cables, I couldn't get the canopy to unlatch from the outside. But first here are some pictures of the aftermarket Canopy latch. These are cell phone pictures.

This is in the latched position. I'm not committed to this spot, it is a start.…


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Adding Brake fluid

Mack Kreizenbeck loaned me his brake fluid filling system. Only thing I would change is to use a larger container, I had to refill the bottle a few times to get fluid to the Master Cylinders. And I overfilled just a bit, that wasn't evident until I stood on the brakes while doing a static rpm test.

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Canopy safety system

Since I am 600 miles from home, simple solutions are needed until I am able to fabricate a more robust system for restraining the canopy in the unlikely ;-) event that it opens in flight. Here are a few pictures.

I use the bungee cord as my second set of hands while installing the lower cowl and had been looking for a storage solution. The ends go through the seat belt bracket and I purchased a hook at the hardware store for $1.50. The… Continue

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It's a bird it's a plane, another Zodiac 601XL leaving the ground

After many obstacles, 417SX departed U76 this afternoon, I should have

waited until tomorrow morning, it was warm today, 91. I decided to do a

high speed taxi to see if the Airspeed Indicator was alive, it was, and

figured that a short flight to test my FWF had come. Taxied back and I

was airborne quickly, remembered to keep the nose down in a cruise

climb, 500 fpm, Airspeed was indicating 120mph and the GPS was giving a

similar reading with the engine turning at… Continue

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Weight & Balance 417SX

First I want to start by saying some stuff was missing. One set of seats and wing root fairings. I made my seats and the wing root fairings will be Carbon Fiber, maybe 10 pounds total. From the beginning I concentrated on building light. No wheel pants. Jabiru 3300 with a custom FWF. Grove gear. Wood propeller.

Second, I had Arnie the A&P at U76 use his certified scales.

Empty weight: 686 pounds

Left wheel: 231 pounds

Right wheel: 219 pounds

Nose wheel: 236… Continue

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Update - Airworthiness

I plan on completing the discrepancy list by Wednesday and then head back to Astoria. Talked to the DAR, Jim Gilchrist, yesterday to verify the timeline once I had submitted the Notarized statement addressing the list. He's out of town until May 1 and will send out the Airworthiness as soon as he receives the paperwork. So, I'll be legal soon thereafter, yahoo!

Last item on the list will be Weight & Balance. I'm going to have the local A&P use his scales. I've tried to build as… Continue

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Nylon Torque bearing

I decided to use 3/16" nylon as a bearing since I had some and I need to move forward for the inspection. Once the metal bearing is unbolted, the torque tube can be pulled forward and out of the airplane. The front stop and control stick were removed. I'm going to keep it lubed with white lithium grease or similar.

Steve Smith mentioned wear on the front bearing. My concern was placing the new nylon bearing in behind the stop ring and moving… Continue

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Wing Lockers and additional wing stiffeners

I originally installed per the drawings, but I have 2 Dzus fasteners on either side to hold down the door. I wasn't happy with 2 L angles and talk at the time, 4 years ago, was to add at least one additional stiffener. And I didn't like the way the hinge protruded or that the door was in the way when opened if you were loading from the front, figured I would address these issues later. Now is later ;-) Pictured above is Version 1.

First, I… Continue

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Wing Templates and last thoughts

I'm about to start the second wing and this will be my last blog on the Upgrade. I'm hoping to be ready for the Inspection by the end of February, or really close :-)

Expanding on my last blog Nose rib template, I've added another template for the bottom cap angle, 6ZU-1-5. I installed with the bolts to the wing spar using the template to postion and then traced around the cap angle. Removed the bottom Nose rib template and set the… Continue

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Wing Upgrade - doubler and nose rib template

Now that I'm past the solid rivets it's onto the wing doubler. This seemed fairly easy, except that back drilling the doubler was going to be a challenge, so I removed the 2 rear ribs. I've seen pictures of others doing this.


backside wing doubler


finished doubler


Next step was to reinstall the nose ribs. First I replaced the top… Continue

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