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Open house

Hope everybody had a safe return trip home from the open house , flying or driving . I had a great time and I think everybody got to see how well the one week wonder performed and how greta the Cruzer is . What a blast doing the STOL competition and proved what a affordable , good performace option the o-200 is for the 750 line

I can not thank the EAA and Charlie Becker enough for letting me be involved in both programs , the staff build and the one week wonder and for Zenith and their… Continue

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Lift hooks

I wanted everyone to see the lift hooks I installed on a 750

Not made from any plans ,and I didn't do any engineering on the material thickness , I just knew I wanted I thinker than the material in the upper spar carry though . I figure if it was thicker than that I would be more than enough

You wouldn't need then that often , but they would be handy

I just bent up some 1/8 4130 around the with of the front spar attachment point on the fuse and bought a forged eyelet from a… Continue

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Rivet Removal

I recently have had to do some repair /replace work and I have had to do a lot of rivet removal.

I thought I would share a little info on this subject


 Most  of the rivets on Zenith Aircraft are the Avex blind rivets .  A4 or A5 in size

I have found that the A5 are a little easier to remove that the A4s.

 You just want to remove the head and not try to dill it all the way out . Most of the time when you remove the head the reat of the rivet will easilly…


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Root fairing stiffner

I just got done installing a root fairing on a 750  . I had noticed  some weakness in the sheet metal along the curve on it and also on others 750s and 701s , I have also seen some root fairings with lots of dimples and waves  . A few have developed small cracks from the oil canning of this area.  Thought I would show what I had done on this 750 and can easily be done on other 750s or 701s

I just marked a line down the center of the fairing panel and started about 10mm from the spar .…


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801 rear spar attachment


Here are a few pics of the 801 spar atachment  nd the 750

the 801 I have in my hand you can see the size differance(A5 on the 801 A6 on the 750) and on the other pics you can see the rivet size,spacing and use of an-3 bolts on the 750

we are talking a usefull load of 1050 in the 801 versus 580 (I know it can be registered above light sport) 750

I might at least put…


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Bungee heat part 2

After a few more flights testing heat ,i nmade a heat shield for the nose gear bungee

here is the pic just a simple piece of .016 sheet flanged on the ends and bolted on the the gear channel


I also made a simple 2 " lower lip on the…


Added by Tracy Buttles on September 19, 2012 at 4:03pm — 3 Comments

Bungee cord heat testing

I have had two bungee cord fail on a 750 in the last few hours

not this is on a 750 with a zenith Rotax FWF kit


 Just the way that they failed made me think that it might be a possable heat issue

I know that I had not been hard on the bungee

 so i put a remote temp sensor on the area of the bungee that had failed

also I did some…


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Installing the new nose gear on the 750

It was decide to install the new nose gera on the 750 im working on  and i wanted to tell how easy it is.

 Removal on the old style gear already installed was quite easy and sent that out to Zenith for modifing .

They did a fast turnaround and in a few days it was back to me . I had to prime and paint it  and install was easy

 Putting the bunge back on was easy but I do have the Rotax 912 installed and i have a lot or room to work , might be more dificult on other engine…


Added by Tracy Buttles on March 29, 2012 at 5:39pm — 3 Comments

Control Stick details

I added a few pics of the control stick and the flaperon stops installed

I have seen a few pics of the pitch rod /yoke detail  , a few guys have cut large holes in the passenger seat side panel , i didnt like that and thought there has to be somthing  a little better .…


Added by Tracy Buttles on January 20, 2012 at 9:36am — 4 Comments

a few more detail pics

A few more detail pics for those interested


dorsal fin detail



 just some detail on the inside of the fin and stops and guides




Added by Tracy Buttles on December 19, 2011 at 7:02pm — 2 Comments

Some pics of the control setup on a 750

I just  wanted to post a few pics of the control setup on a 750 , for anyone that had anyquestions and would like to get see pics . i know it always hepls me and i havent seen to may pic of the setup

As you can see just swagged to the clevis on the rudder perdals

and i knew they had to be crossed but i was hoping to do it in the tail section , but there isnt…


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601 fuel issue

has anyone had any trouble with the 601 fuel system losing prime if it sits for a while ?

 I have had an issue with a 601 standard arrangement just like the plans call for . The line goes to the center counsel from the wings and then up to the fuel selector then down to the gasculator

i had the 601 sit for few weeks and then couldnt get it started , wich was strange becouse the 3300 usually fires right up , i tried to drain the gasculator and the fuel didnt come out at a steady…


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i fabbed up the lower strut  attachment bracket ( i havent done the upper or rigged it yet ) and noticed somthing different from the plans and the photo assemble guide and it has me a little worried

 in the photto you will see the  the lower bolt goes through the u shaped fitting, to slide over the fuse attachment point. in the plans is calls for the bolt to not go…


Added by Tracy Buttles on June 10, 2011 at 10:00am — 2 Comments

Finally arrived in Ecuador


it finally arrived in ecuador(actually been stuck in customs for a month!!!)


few details but its there  , what a differance in climate  from when it left  Wisconsin  !!!









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On its way

with a few final details , like marking the covered wings with NO STEP on them , and making sure the box with plans ,manuals ,hardware are easilly open for customs , the shipment is on its way…


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Finished up with the packaging today and had it put back on the trailer , ready to get picked up tommorrow  

Finished up with the packaging today and had it put back on the trailer , ready to get picked up tommorrow



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loading a 701 in a shipping container

spent the last few days loading a 701 in a over sea shipping container ( going to Equador)

20 foot is just enough  , sent a few pics and will have it all strapped down and secured tommorrow

had to higher a crane to set the container on the ground , just to high to work with on the trailer…


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750 build thoughts

I have been helping a customer  build a 750

so far the fuse is almost complete , and it has been an enjoyable build , with all the new CNC parts and match drilling

I have had a few things that have come up and i thought i would share them

  I know that the kit is fairly new and there is bound to be some little issues

on thing i have found was on…


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