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Flying my 601XLB

This is Tangier Island we flew to in August.  It's a quaint village struggling against time and climate change and sinking into the bay.  We had a group of four aircraft for this almost 70 mile trip.  There are many great restaurants and normal tourist shops.  If you go it's short and has many frost heaves creating a roller coaster landing and take…


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Where I stand now

It has been a while since I have posted, so here is where I stand now.

Back in October I grounded my 601 because of the engine using oil, low oil pressure and just not running very well for very long. What I found was a partial oil ring on the #3 cylinder as well as a few bearings that were at service limits on the crank shaft and cam shaft. I also found a stud that had pulled loose from the crank case under the rear cam shaft journal, so the case needs to be line bored also. I also… Continue

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Engine issues

Just wanted to add a note about what's happening with my airplane. On my last flight I decided to ground my airplane because of the engine using too much oil and fouling the # 4 cylinder. I pulled the engine off and brought it home to work on.

This past week I was able to finally get time to get it apart. The # 4 oil ring was missing about 1/3 of it, other wise engine is in good but worn out shape. As far repairs, looks like I can get all new bearing, rings and gaskets and be good… Continue

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Flying report

My first flight was on July 5, 2009 around 11:00 AM on a cloudly day with a few drops of rain. After one more runway "hop" I decided it was now or never and kept the throttle full on till lift off.

Performance was not what I expected and it climbed very slow and as soon as I was out of ground effect I had a very heavy left wing. The climb was some where around 80 KIAS and was very slow. After a few circles over the airport and two attempts I landed unevently with a slight bounce.… Continue

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I have already posted to the Zenith forum, but I'll add this here also. Yesterday, 05/23/2009 I had my plane inspected by a DAR and it passed. I had some bolts on the warp drive that needed to have thin washers as not enough threads were showing (I used the supplied washers) and safety waires on the prop bolts not tight enough. He also noted that I had cotter pins that we too long on the landing gear attach bolts. All minor and fixable on the spot.

He did go over the cable tensions… Continue

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Attaching the wings

Over the past two weeks I have been getting the wings on the fuselage. That is finally finished, flaps on and wired except for the trim. For any one interested, I suggest that the flaps and ailerons not be drilled until the wings is trimmed and bolted on. It was very hard to get the flaps on past the already riveted ailerons and getting every thing adjusted. The other issue is the flap torque tube. I drilled my bolts on the tube as per the manual and it would be much better to drill the left… Continue

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On 01/31/2009 the airplane arrived at the airport. Helping hands included Jordan, Al Goins, Nick Jones, my son Greg and wife Shelby taking photos to record the event. Nick was instrumental in the loading procecess as he loaded his Velocity on the same trailer. We rolled the nose gear on first, then lifted the mains and put a sheet of plywood on the rails and screwed and clamped and strapped it down for the 5 mile trip. Assembly will begin today as it is pretty well ready to just bolt together

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Looks like I have a hanger lined up within about two weeks. I have called to get an inspection lined up the end of March so things are really comming along fast. Also I have insurance lined up and plan to start that in mid to late Febuary..

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