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STOL CH 750: Dual Control Sticks

Frank Tompson recently installed the dual control stick option kit in his STOL CH 750:

We were a little concerned about cabin access (getting in and out of the airplane) with the dual sticks but it appears not to be a problem. Here's a schematic of the system:


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Oshkosh 2010 Follow-Up

Despite a very wet beginning, we had a great time once again at AirVenture and really enjoyed meeting both existing and new builders from around the world. Following is a summary of our week:

Heading to Oshkosh from our factory in Mexico, Missouri: The STOL CH 750 as seen from the STOL CH 801:…


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Zodiac CH601XL-B Flight Test Report

We recently had the chance to give Steve Flattum the opportunity to test fly our factory demonstrator Zodiac CH 601 XL B (upgraded model). Steve flies for one of the major US airlines and has logged more than 20,000 hours. More importantly though, he has a passion for light aircraft, and he has flown more than 100 types of aircraft (from ultralight to supersonic) and performed more than 20 first flights. He holds a professional pilot degree and is a… Continue

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Flying in the Caribbean: Guadeloupe

My brother Matt and I recently visited the island of Guadeloupe in the French West Indies part of the Caribbean. Like many of you, I've enjoyed watching Zenith STOL float flying videos on YouTube: There are dozens of great video clips from Greek islands, the Alaskan back…


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"B" model designation for Zodiac CH601XL and CH650

With the advent of the upgrade package for the Zodiac CH 601 XL, owners

have asked for a way of easily identifying and marking an upgraded

aircraft, and a consensus quickly formed that a "B" model designation

was the preferred way of identifying an upgraded aircraft (applying to

upgraded Zodiac CH 601 XL and CH 650 aircraft models).

We've prepared quality cut-out decals for the aircraft: We encourage all affected builders who have… Continue

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FAA's NKET visits the Zenith factory

Earlier this week we were treated by a two day visit by the FAA's newly created National Kit Evaluation Team (NKET) to evaluate and determine that the STOL CH 750 kit, as produced by Zenith, meets the intent of the "51% rule" and to allow an amateur-builder to register the plane as an "amateur-built - Experimental" aircraft (meeting the "major portion" requirement of Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations part 21, Certification Procedures for… Continue

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STOL CH 750 x 2

This was the ramp in front of the Zenith factory earlier today: two burgundy and gray light aircraft visited today:

The high wing is Mike Schlichtman's STOL CH 750 and the other is Randy Schlitter's Rans S-19 LSA.

Mike's nice STOL CH 750 is nearly identical to our factory demo version - both are powered by the six cylinder Jabiru 3300… Continue

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Sun'n Fun 2010 and the flight back home

After our enjoyable trip to Sun'n Fun, we are ready for a week of work in the sun! One of the first planes we saw upon our arrival was Gus Warren's STOL CH 750:

This recently completed STOL CH 750 is equipped with the lightweight ULpower UL260i engine (hence the long nose) distributed by… Continue

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Trip to Sun'n Fun in the STOL CH 750

Following is a brief report and photos from our flight to Sun'n Fun earlier this month:

(Update: See my new video clips at the bottom of this post).

To test the comfort and cross-country capability of the STOL CH 750, Roger and I decided to fly together (in one plane) to Lakeland, Florida, from… Continue

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"Don't Give Up Your Dreams"

I was pleasantly surprised to read about Tim Garrett in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch last night:

Read the full story: St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Many of you have probably met Tim at one of Zenith's… Continue

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Calibrating the Airspeed Indicator (ASI)

A sometimes overlooked part of the flight test program is calibration of the airspeed indicator (ASI). The airspeed indicator is (arguably) the single most important instrument we have on board our airplane, and it's important that owners/pilots make sure that the ASI has been calibrated (that it has been corrected for errors).

Indicated Airspeed (IAS) is the speed of the aircraft as shown on the airspeed…


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Flying the Upgraded Zodiac

We've had lousy flying weather in Mexico, Missouri lately (which is really not that typical), so when the sky looked OK this morning Roger and I pulled out the upgraded Zodiac XL for a pleasure flight...

Here's the video:

I hope you enjoy it as much as we… Continue

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Sebring U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2010

Following is a recap of the Sebring LSA Aviation Expo from last week in Sebring, Florida.

The bright yellow STOL CH 750LS and the "upgraded" Zodiac CH 650LS at the Sebring Expo:

On the two days prior to the show,… Continue

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Part 26: Installing the "Upgrade Package" to our Zodiac CH 601 XL: It flies!

It was a cold and windy day... but clear and sunny, so we flew our beloved Zodiac XL demonstrator airplane this morning.

Today's flight comes after the downtime of installing the Zodiac XL upgrades which we've been chronicling here over the past five or six weeks. All of you that have been following this series will agree that the upgrade package kit that we… Continue

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Part 25: Installing the "Upgrade Package" to our Zodiac CH 601 XL: It's now all back together!

We've been finishing up the aircraft these past few days, continuing on where we last left the project.

We've re-installed the flaps and all the controls in the aircraft, as well as reconnected all the wiring and fuel lines.

Above, Steve and Roger finished riveting the last rivets back in...…


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Part 24: Installing the "Upgrade Package" to our Zodiac CH 601 XL: Putting it all back together...

As you all know, we've been busy making the producing the parts of the Upgrade Package kit, and now we're also busy shipping them out to builders and owners!

All the Upgrade Package kit parts and hardware shown above can be shipped in the two cardboard containers: One box (18"x12"x6", 25 lbs.) for the smaller parts and all hardware and one 6-foot long 4-inch cardboard tube (about 16 lbs.) for the longer parts. These package are… Continue

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Part 23: Installing the "Upgrade Package" to our Zodiac CH 601 XL: Re-Installing the Center Spar in the Fuselage

Continuing on where we last finished, now we re-install the "upgraded" wing center spar section into the fuselage and position additional fuselage doublers:

First we installed the beefed-up Front Wing Uprights (6-ZU-2-6). This replaces the original Wing Uprights (6B13-1) with the heavy duty .125-inch Front Wing Uprights. We are forced to drill a new row of holes parallel to the original row for the new… Continue

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Installing the "Upgrade Package" to our Zodiac CH 601 XL: Riveting and Re-Assembling the Center Spar

I've now added the photos for the last post on riveting and re-assembling the center wing spar section. Below is the upgraded center spar section, ready to return to the fuselage:

As previously mentioned, Roger Dubbert from the Zenith factory will be attending Gus Warren's Zodiac CH 601 XL… Continue

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Part 22: Installing the "Upgrade Package" to our Zodiac CH 601 XL: Riveting and Re-Assembling the Center Spar

After having positioned, drilled, and clecoed the upgrades to the center wing spar assembly, we now rivet the parts back together and bolt the two halves of the center spar assembly back together to reinstall it into the fuselage.

Here we begin to rivet the center wing spar assemblies back together using the "conventional" bucked rivets:…


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Part 21: Installing the "Upgrade Package" to our Zodiac CH 601 XL: Installing the Upgrades to the Center Spar

We already disassembled the center spar section (a while back).

Now, we'll get to the task of installing the upgrades and reassembling the the center spar. We have posted the latest Upgrade Drawings as they have been updated (albeit still in draft):

We position and backdrill the… Continue

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