Profile options update?

Would it be possible to update the user profile section with the different airplane models that are available? I can’t select a 750SD...

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    John Austin

    Zenith's CEO, Sebastien, is responsible for the Forum's format, templates, etc.  As Moderator, I simply have edit and deletion software permissions, but am not involved with the Forum's setup or maintenance.  Sebastien does check-in with the Forum from time-to-time, but not regularly.   Likely a direct email to Sebastien would be more productive in soliciting changes.  I can, however, tell you that recently, he and all the fine people at Zenith have been very busy dealing with the logistical challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic, so forum maintenance is a lower priority and changes and requests are usually achieved (we just added the 750 SD Forum, for instance), but it may take some time.

    John Forum Moderator