I lease a lot from the county in northern Alberta, Fort Vermilion CEZ4.

I have been paying $2540 per year for a bare lot 160 ft x 160ft no services but a 4999 paved strip used by medevac and one charter operator.

I did the improvements and spent $1000  running power in.

The county is going to double my lease cost and I am resisting. 

I can move my hanger to a good friends grass strip.

My question is what are you paying for lease, is  $5000 for lot lease only reasonable?

Ray Toews

Fort Vermilion AB

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I hope the county at least has the decency to stick a gun in your ribs when they collect that kind of money from you.

Im paying $2100 per year (including airport operating and maintenance fees and GST at 5%) for a 17,600 square foot lot at Whitehorse International airport.   No additional charges for using runways or facilities.

This includes access to three paved runways with ILS and lighting, paved taxiways,  paved access road to lot frontage, water and sewer services, ATC, snow clearing,  fire protection and security.

I paid for lot improvements and hanger construction including hydro hook up.

The lot also provides for use as a commercial space in a high traffic area and I had engineering offices in my hanger building.  The street front access was a major boost in offsetting costs

Hope this helps

Greetings from Idaho,

I haven't reviewed my lease as of recent as it is a 20 year, renewable lease with the City of Caldwell (KEUL)  Idaho.

Rents for my site which is improved with a private hangar is eleven cents a square foot.

My 1875 SqFt hangar is part of a row of 20 hangars that has access to a 5500 x 100 foot paved runway. I do have power, enough for a couple 220 outlets, but no (gas) heat, water or sewer. There are two FBO's on the airport with fuel.

My property taxes are the thorn in my side, for I pay $2100.00 per year as the county has decided that the non-income producing private hangars are commercial entities! My hangar is accessed @ $55,000.00.

Hope this helps you in your negotiations!


Hell I feel for you guys, I fly off my mates farm strip where I built my rough as guts "T" hanger for $1800 dollars and pay nothing.....well diesel for the tractor to mow the strip.

Must admit the local council tried to get us to pay for a resource consent and building permits but they were told politely to fornicate off they weren't getting anything, been 4 years now and not a peep from them.

Good GOD!!!

Makes me happy I'm where I'm at. Our club charges 100$ a year for membership. A lot at our airpark costs $150.00 a YEAR to lease and you can build pretty much any kind of hangar you want on it.  They vary but my empty lot right now (building a hangar next year) is about 65' wide and 80' deep!  I'm building next year with a buddy so the lot really only costs about 75$/year for us.  No water or electricity available, we have a generator.  We do have fuel though, run by a solar powered fuel set up.  2100' grass field with a float base (on a river) as well.  

Prices haven't increased in years. We (the club) have a 100 year lease on the property, basically we maintain enough income to keep the field nice, with a contingency found for repairs, insurance etc...  Annual meetings we discuss what's needed. Some years the cost for a membership might go up 25$ to offset some costs, but once dealt with the price goes back to 100$... We're not in it for the profit.  Guess we're lucky! :D


Hi guys,

I rent a spot at a local privately owned aiport. 1800 feet grass runway, no lights, no winter maintenance. The lot is 40x30 and I get it for 80$/month. Next year, I'll be building a 35x25 hangar (roughly 8000$) and will still pay 80$/month.

No electricity, no water, no fuel onsite. The front door is replaced by an oversized sliding Tempo door.

At least, this is easy on the budget !


I couldn't help but notice that all y'all are not revealing your locations . . .

I'm in New Zealand, in our district an airstrip is an as of right activity if you have a farm (topdressing strip?) the hanger not so much, supposed to abide by building regs and all sorts of bollocks. my cheapy hanger has survived 130 k winds and 12" dumps of snow many times, so I'm happy...I call it proof testing!

Must be beautiful!



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