Although it will be some time before we will be ready to install them, I've started trolling eBay and elsewhere to begin a search for serviceable used flight instruments and indicators in decent cosmetic condition.  Anyone out there perhaps upgrading their panel to digital and have a set of analog flight instruments that were "working when removed" they wish to sell? Specifically, I'm looking for an altimeter (prefer two hands), a vertical speed indicator (VSI), a small slip/skid (inclinometer) indicator, and an airspeed indicator (in mph).  We're building a 701, so the airspeed indicator should be, shall we say, 'modestly' range marked for best at-a-glance clarity at lower speeds (I think 20-120 mph is ideal for a 701?) Also looking for a set of analog Rotax 912ULS engine gauges (rpm, oil press, oil temp, coolant temp, voltmeter). Or hey, a no damage history, low to mid time Rotax 912ULS to go along with the gages too. What the heck, thought I'd toss that out there.

Feel free to contact me at my email address if you prefer



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I have some analogue instrument. If your still interested I will get a list together. 


I am looking for an altimeter, prefer two hands; a compass, prefer a vertical card; and a set of Rotax 912 engine instruments (I recently purchased an airspeed indicator and VSI).
I also have quite a few instruments in the shop available for sale. They may still be listed here too. If Steven doesn't have what you are looking for shoot me an email.
Thanks Todd will do. Do you have a link to your listing?
Oh and I'm also still looking for an inclinometer, a small rectangular one such as Winter makes (e.g. not a round gage type) thanks

Have you seen the new line of electronic stand alone instruments that mimic standard analog instruments? They are about 1/2 the cost or less and weigh a fraction of the weight, Check them out, if I were building an analog panel it is what I would put in.

Interesting, no I had not. Do you have a link to a web page?

The page is

They used to be based on the field in Wichita where I base my CH801, but now they only do test flying there. The line of instruments is called "Radiant". Having seen it up close, its pretty neat stuff.

You know, unless you are looking for the analog look, you can accomplish every one of the gage functions that you are looking for including all of your engine, fuel, coolant, basic flight, gyro, compass, OAT, CHT & EGT, Airspeed and AOA, and navigation display instruments in a single Dynon D180 and probably for a lot less $ than buying good serviceable instruments and all of the stuff to mount them.  The result will weigh a fraction of the weight of the analog, and probably save you a few hundred hours or so of installation time and save you a vast amount of panel space.  That is why they are so popular in the 750's and 801's and so many factory LSA You can order the sensor packages that are specific for each engine type to. No messing around trying to figure out what sensor or how to fit it on.

This is the 3rd plane that I have flown with Dynon and my second Dynon based panel I have built. I did it that way because it was better performing, faster to install, more reliable, lighter, more compact, and cheaper than the other routes.

They make a fancier (and more expensive) skyview system that incorporates radios and even ADS-B in and out, everything all networked together (plug and play). But I am a bit conservative and not into having everything all dependant on a network. And I don't need the extra 'splash' enough to want to lay down the extra cash.

I flew steam gages for 36 years before I first flew a Dynon, and it takes some getting used to. But once you do, it is not something I would give up.

My Dynon gear has been very reliable, the first set survived a plane crash nicely. I fried one by accident and short of driving over it with a truck they will fix anything on it for a flat $400 fee.You can't get one instrument overhauled for that. I have been real impressed with their service and support since I first used their product (a 2011 D180).   If you are worried about backup get one of the pocket panel models for $1000 or just run IFLY or any number of GPS flying apps on your phone or IPAD. I practice flying IFR on my standard Samsung phone using just the GPS derived basic flight instruments. That is surely good enough to back up a VFR aircraft. 

Good luck on your project.

Thanks Samuel.  I looked at the website and their Radiant instruments- but to me, they don't appear to mimic the classic analog instruments at all.  Impressive if a digital numbers display is what one is seeking, but I am going the classic analog route.  I briefly considered the digital EFIS units, including the ones offered by Dynon.  I see the D180 lists for $3,660 at Aircraft Spruce for the Rotax 912 series, and it is swoopy cool- but for my Day VFR local area only mission I decided upon, the collection of used analog instruments I've gathered to date have cost me well under a $1,000 and all that's left are the engine instruments, which will likely be VDO or similar- so a few hundred $ more and I'm done. I am on board with digital moving map SA though-  will use either an iPad, iPhone, or perhaps a second generation Garmin for my map and airspace awareness.

I have VDO instruments that came with my complete 601XL kit. I am planning on using GRT, so I won't need the analog instruments.  I haven't looked yet at what they are worth, but they are new still in the box.

Hi Roland

If you'd like to sell them to me please contact me at would appreciate a picture of what you have; you can gauge (gauge- get it?) their worth at the aircraft spruce website- that's what I'll do. Here's an example 




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