ok everyone, I’m about to commit to a Viking 110 engine for my 601 HD. So I’m wondering if anyone has had reliability issues.  I’ve heard good things, but has anyone had problems, like getting parts, or support from Jan if needed? Has the cooling system worked well? Any fuel delivery problems with the injectors? Any electrical problems? How about mounting issues-is there ample information on how to mount? Etc, etc....

thanks all....

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Scott,  I did hear from Samantha today.....said their website is still under construction but gave me some info I had requested so Ill give them a pass and a thumbs up.  She said she has one 110 available for 10K, and the installed weight is 220lb, so that makes an O-200 very attractive to me, as a lightweight starter and alt can keep the weight around 200, given the lack of ancillary items needed to install a water cooled engine. Regarding carbs, Ive owned 4 GA aircraft, 3 carbureted and one FI.  A 1968 Piper Arrow with an IO-360 180hp. It was a PITA to hot start, given the fuel distribution block and lines were on top of the crankcase, and would heat soak and vapor lock. Obviously this is not an issue with direct port EFI, just an observation.  Good luck with your build and the 110.....my fuselage kit is on order and Im in the middle of the horizontal stab and elevator build.  Wings will be last.  Regarding the VW engine, it is a SONEX product, so it has a track record.  Im taking a close look. 

Carburetor ice, just another possible scare....

Enjoyed all your input Jim, thanks for that.

Good luck to you too and we may meet one day at a fly in with our builds.

In the meantime, I’m sure we’ll be in touch on this site...

Yep....no argument direct port EFI is the present and future..... 

...and the best with all things aviation for you.  

Perhaps you can buy this one from her., she sent this message today  " Right now I have one in stock from a upgrade. The engine was installed but was never flown so it is brand new. Pricing is around $10000 for the engine. Are you interested in a FWF package as well?"

Have you flown behind a Viking 110 engine?

The Viking 110 has a base weight of 179

Sorry...Samantha said it was 220lb.  I could consider one if its installed weight in only 179. 

I think there is a lot of confusion about that engine since it is no longer in production and the site is no longer running its specs. Maybe the site should go ahead and put the information about the 110 back up? Its just a suggestion, and I know you tube is full of information about it, but it is kind of scattered around...

I just bought one from Alissa for my 601 HD and I am thrilled!

I did extensive research concerning engines with help from this discussion and I can’t find anything with the same combination of price, fuel injection, power and torque, reliability reports, ease of care, weight, and support than the Viking 110.

I considered the rotax 582, 912, 912S, 912iS, Jabiru 2200, Jabiru 3300, Continental, Lycoming, UL power,  Aerovee, Great Plains, BMW motorcycle, Harley Davidson motorcycle, Corvair...and nothing adds up in total as far as I can see.

Viking 110 is a good engine  for the CH-701

If the weight of an O-200 is a concern, why is the 179 lb weight of the Viking 110 not considered an issue ? The lightweight O-200 is only 20lb heavier. 

Hey everyone,

   An update about my 110 engine that isn’t...

After all the discussion I decided ultimately to go with a Viking 130 engine for $20 k with complete FWF package including every hose, fastener, plier etc needed for full installation.  I bought a whirlwind 68” ground adjustable propeller as well, included in the price. The total FWF weight of the 130 engine, mount, fluids, propeller, spinner etc comes to about 250 lbs, which keeps me within the 265 lb FWF design limitation for the 601 HD. Remember, the 601 HD has a gross weight max of 1200 pounds vs the 1320 pounds of the xl and 650. However, many HD’s have been built with 0-200’s, Corvairs, Lycomings, etc that weigh no less that the 130, so I’m sure weight will not be an issue.  The FADEC multipoint direct fuel injection was a big seller for me as well as buying an engine that is found in every Honda dealer across the nation. No going to europe for parts!

   Everyone who has flown behind the 130 in a zodiac now has reported excellent performance, improved over other engines that were switched out (see Patrick Hoyt’s 130 discussion in his xl for example). As for support, so far so good. I’ve been in touch with Alissa at Viking, emailed and discussed over the phone about a million questions concerns etc, and she has replied the same day, usually within only a few minutes to an hour with answers to each one.

    I’m very happy with my decision, and it will be fun to see how the 130 pulls those fat high lift 601 HD wings through the air...

Now all I have to do is build the airplane to attach it to!  I am working on the tail section, will be ordering the fuselage next and will build the wings last, once I have a hangar to move the airplane into.

  Cheers all and happy building, flying, discussing...

My Viking 110 engine came close to killing me...more than 1 time the engine stopped in mid air causing me to make emergency landings. To find out more go to www.vikingenginesissues.com.


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