ok everyone, I’m about to commit to a Viking 110 engine for my 601 HD. So I’m wondering if anyone has had reliability issues.  I’ve heard good things, but has anyone had problems, like getting parts, or support from Jan if needed? Has the cooling system worked well? Any fuel delivery problems with the injectors? Any electrical problems? How about mounting issues-is there ample information on how to mount? Etc, etc....

thanks all....

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This looks like a good alternative in that weight /hp class.

Yep....worth a look.  Proven design....I built and raced SCCA Formula V cars based on this ancient engine.   

I wish I could get performance numbers for the aerovee kit 80 hp engine in the 601 HD. The performance numbers the zodiak site has for the 912 85 hp engine in the 601 HD have got to be ridiculously exaggerated.    http://www.zenithair.com/zodiac/601-hd.html    But if these numbers were true for the aero

vee I’d be good with it...

Im going to dig into it a bit more.....will let you know what I find out....Viking 130 is not an option for me and I prefer air cooled for simplicity.  Jury is still out on the O-200.  

Scott,  I ordered the assembly instructions DVD from Sonex to get more insight into the engine. 

Doing some more research.....I fear Viking is just not an alternative for me.....plus I am very familiar with the VW boxer design and execution. 

Hey Jim,

 I’m holding out for a 110.  I want to climb like a rocket!  I’ll just build it light in other areas and it’ll be a great motivator to get back under 175 lbs (with my thin, 5’9” frame I should weigh 160. I weighed 150 at the height of my high school track days).   :)

Understood.  I lost (gained ?) 22 lbs of now useful load in 2017.  Im assuming the 701 TO and Landing specs are with 100hp......curious how much they are increased with 80 hp....(landing distance should not change obviously) If I went back to my high school weight, I could probably install an O-360.  LOL 


ah yes, the days when I could eat 3 big macs a day and not gain an ounce, but we digress...

Scott, this thread seems to have wandered from your original questions.  While we have a Viking 130, not 110, we have never had problems getting parts or support.  We know others who have the 110 engine and other than a few minor hiccups, they seem satisfied.  I'd limit judgement about Viking engines to what Viking owners say, and disregard the others.  

Thanks for the advice Loren,

I have enjoyed all input about different engines etc,  but as for the original question of course, Viking owners have the floor so to speak.

  I’m going for the 110, I just feel its got the best combo of fuel injection (I hate carbs, esp in airplanes), price, weight, torque, reliability reports, amount of info on you tube  (dozens and dozens of install vids, and vids about every aspect of the engine), etc. 

  I haven’t had any problems getting in touch with them so far...despite Sebring going on. Alissa and or Samantha have gotten back to me same day. In short, I’m sold.  

Cheers, thanks for all your input!


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