ok everyone, I’m about to commit to a Viking 110 engine for my 601 HD. So I’m wondering if anyone has had reliability issues.  I’ve heard good things, but has anyone had problems, like getting parts, or support from Jan if needed? Has the cooling system worked well? Any fuel delivery problems with the injectors? Any electrical problems? How about mounting issues-is there ample information on how to mount? Etc, etc....

thanks all....

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Scott.  I finally heard back from Samantha at Viking.....she said she has a 110 in stock from an upgrade, for $10K.  You may want to check back with her as I recall you posted that someone bought the engine you had your eyes on.  

Thanks Jim, getting in touch....

Jim, I know several people in Alaska who have the 110, and they seem to like it.  There are still a lot of 110 engines out there and Viking is offloading parts.  I do not know why Jan dropped the 110, and don't really care, but glad he developed the 130.   Knowing the engine puts out 130 hp at rated rpm, what else do you need to know.  We know it's a standard Honda Fit engine with aircraft components bolted on.  We also have the operating specs, so what else do we need?  Of course the posted price is for the engine only.  These engines are mounted different ways on different experimental aircraft, and everything you listed is generally fire wall forward parts.  You buy what you need or want.  It's no scam, it's capitalism.  Viking sells good product, but you're welcome to shop elsewhere.

Agreed...not a scam, but I can find little substantive product info on their website. Being in the digital marketing business, I tend to judge a product or company by the first impression they make, which for most of us, is the their website. Theirs needs a great deal of work both on navigation and currency, plus they never responded to my efforts to contact them via their contact page, which is a second bad impression. If a company cant respond to someone interested in purchasing their product, I have to wonder how responsive they would be to an issue.  Just sayin'  As for the 130, it is too heavy to be considered for my application, thus Viking is not a contender. Aeromomentum is however.  http://www.aeromomentum.com/

Jim -

Viking sells the package that is supposed to have every little part you need to install the motor (fuse, coolant,  filters, etc.). You missed some big ticket items like the motor mount, radiator, etc. that are included in the package. Vikings firewall forward prices are more or less in line or better than other manufactures prices. When you look at Viking as a total cost to get it installed and flying, I think you will find it is anything but a scam. 

 Indeed, scam is a harsh term.  Deleted my comment.  

Scott -

My 601 XL has a Viking 110 and I could not be happier with it. The only issues I’ve had with the engine has been caused by me. I got over 40 Hobbs hours and am in the process of the first oil change. I am one CPU update behind and because of that it will take about 5-8 seconds to cold start, but warm starts immediately. Cooling is good.  I did a straight climb from 1500 to 6500 ft.  this weekend at 70 mph and it never got over 195*. 210* is my limit on temp, all you have to do is fly level for a couple of minutes to get it back around 185* or climb slower. I flew it last summer in over 100* heat with no issues. It runs very smooth and with the 3blade Warp Drive prop is climbing about 800 ft. a min. at full gross, but I’m still playing with the prop pitch. Viking has been near perfect to deal with, no issues at all. My hangar mate was impressed enough with my Viking that he mothballed his newly built Corsair and bought a Viking 130. Don’t listen to all the trolls out there that bad mouth Jan, I have not run across anyone actually running a Viking that have regretted  the engine or the company. 

That was supposed to be ‘Corvair’ not ‘Corsair’.  Damn auto word ;-)

Thanks Brad, that’s pretty much in keeping with everything else I’ve heard about that Vking engine,

unfortunately, the 110 Jan was offering was scooped up by someone else while I was doing more research..... The 130 I think is too heavy for my 601 HD with max gross weight of 1200 pounds. Bummer. Hopefully Jan will be able to scrounge up another 110 for me.

A Corsair engine might be a bit too heavy as well, although the 601 HD could use the 2000 hp!

Patrick Hoyt just installed a Viking 130 in his 601.  Don't know if your 601 HD and Patricks 601 is the same, but he was previously using a Corvair and I believe the engine weight is nearly the same. 

Thanks Loren,

   I’ll get in touch with him..

As a V-110 owner operator, I'l make a few comments.  The 110 in my 750 now has a little less than fifty hours flight time and I really have no complaints.  It runs very smooth with plenty of power.  I don't have the thought in the back of my mind as to when is this thing going to quit as I'm always conscious of when behind traditional aircraft engines including big round radials and I've had a few of them "give up the ghost".  Viking doesn't produce 110's any more as the Honda Fit engine went to GDI (gas direct injection) in 2015 being the 130 vs indirect fuel injection on the 110.  Weight wise, the 110 is about 220 lbs with radiator, muffler plus oil and coolant.   


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