Anyone using a ULPower engine yet? They seem to be a very good engine, fuel injected, FADEC controlled. No carb heat to mess with. I have seen all the videos of the ULPower 750, I am interested in knowing who out there might have one in their 750. Thanks for reading.

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Rumor has it that there may be another UL-powered 750 in the near future. Perhaps even Zenith's own yellow plane currently powered by a jabiru.
Thanks James. I would very much like to see some performance stats of the UL260 in the 750!
I would really like to see someone install a UL350iS in the 750. Hope that Zenith will put the 350 in theirs if they do change out. Would like to see some real numbers on performance.
I liked the idea of this engine but having tried three times to get information from I've given up.
I would cross ULPower of off my list of choices if I made 2 attempts to contact them and they did not return my calls or emails. If he is this hard to contact when you are looking for info on buying an engine from him, how hard will he be to contact if you buy an engine and are having trouble with it. I talked to Gus Warren at both Oshkosh and Zeniths open hanger day and he answered all my questions and I had a very good impression of him. I hope to be purchasing an engine next spring and ULPower was at the top of my list but if I don't feel good about their customer support when it is time to make the decision I will buy a different engine.
I'm thinking that this would be a great time for Gus to chime in!
Gus, help us out here! We need info!
Why does it have to be Gus? Is he the only supplier of these Belgian engines?

I wonder if there's another supplier, or if we could talk directly to the Belgians.
I am willing to bet that Gus does not even know about this blog. I would look to the Belgians for your answers. Maybe contact Zenith if James report rumor is correct they may have answers.
Guys, give Gus a break. I can assure you that he is an honest hard worker who would be more than happy to get you the information you need. He has probably just been busy with the current projects he has going on, one of which has him out of town away from the hangar.
I don't mean to disparage Gus, I don't know him at all. I thought he was selling engines for the 750, I wrote 3 times over the last three months and he did not reply once. I know three other people (from the forum on his website) that have experienced the same. And that's fine, he doesn't have to respond to me, just as I can go buy an engine from someone else. It's just disappointing that there's this good looking engine out there I might want but I can't get any information about it. So I'll buy something else, no big deal.

But in the meantime if someone does get any information, stats, price etc I still want to see them, but I won't be wasting my own time on it anymore. And as someone else said, if you buy one and can't get support from him for 3 months, that's not real good.
Paul - I had communicated with Gus already and the price at that time (several months ago) was roughly $16,000 US (260i). Of course the dollar has and will continue to weaken as time goes by. Good chance price will increase or already be higher. Hope this helps.


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