Has anyone ever installed tubes into the standard zenith tundra supplied with the kit? I am having a hell of a time getting the tubeless style to hold air. I did the trick of putting silicone on the o ring like they recommend, but still no luck. They just still slowly leak air over a few days. Might be easier just to install tubes and be done with it. Thanks

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One of my original tires refused to seal and also one leaked when I installed replacement tires. Instead of using a tube, I jacked the tire off the ground and removed the valve stem and positioned the valve at 12 o'clock. I then slowly pumped a few ounces of Slime for tubeless tires into the tire, slightly rocking the tire left and right from 11-1 o'clock.  The reason I positioned the valve at 12 and rocked it was that the Slime could then run down the wheel internally onto the o-ring and then run down the o-ring both ways to 6 o'clock. I then slightly over-inflated the tire (hoping that might drive sealant deeper under the o-ring) and slowly rotated it a few dozen times in each direction to distribute any excess Slime around the tire.  (Contrary to the Slime directions, I did NOT rotate the tire rapidly/or taxi or fly it right away because I did not want centrifugal force to sling the Slime away from the o-ring until it had a chance to penetrate into any unsealed area!)  I then let it sit overnight and then released the pressure back down to normal.  Both times I did this I never had another problem with leaks!

With the slow take-off and landing speed, I've never noticed any tire imbalance problems from using this method.



I like John's method.

Another method.  For our nose wheel, after recently determining the leak must be at the o-ring, we broke the bead on one side of the wheel to access the o-ring, and then smeared a rubber gasket sealant around the o-ring.  Time will tell if it holds, but believe it will.  

By the way, the bead is a bitch to break using screw drivers.  Never again.  We just added a BeadBuster XB-450 to our tool box for the next time.  We may also carry a can of Fix a Flat in the field.

I did the same as  John, no problems for the lasr two  years.

Del Clowes


Vaseline. Use lots of it.  On the ring, the inside of the rim, lots of it.  Petroleum jelly, not silicone. 

I used silicone already. Vaseline could work too, why not silicone? Zenith said they use silicone normally and it works great for them.

I used lots of vaseline the first time and it didn't prevent our nose tire from leaking.  After busting my ass to break the bead, I decided to use a rubber sealant and be done with it. 

I gooped up the two wheel halves and the O ring with plumbers grease from Home Depot.  After slipping the O ring into place I used me finger to spread more of the plumbers grease and also used it around the perimeter of the tires.  I went through one tube of the grease for two tires.  No leaks.


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