Everything we said it would be, it has turned out to be. The Viking Honda based engine has become the #1 aircraft engine of choice for all sport aircraft builders with over 25 orders at Air Venture Alone. 



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The battery question was related to us now suggesting you use a dual battery system, then you telling me I am increasing the cost of your build, and that I somehow is at fault?   I told you we will recommend anything we feel is a safe update.  It is ultimately your airplane, your engine and your battery system.  We can only suggest you follow what has worked for us.  If, in the end, you use one, two or tree batteries, it is up to you.  

ECU shipping as soon as it is here.  I take your response as:  I want the one that has all the improvements.  Yes, we also want you to have the one with all the improvements.  It is clearly why we improved on it.  Since you are not ready to fly, if it was my engine, I would get any free upgrade I could.


You are reading to much into my internet personality.     I have plenty of people that consider me an ass-whole.  It usually goes away after I work on their plane for 3 days straight without pay.


It's not - ass-whole.... it's ass-hole!!!!

It is good to also be from somewhere else:)  Gives me leeway on spelling.

Yes, makes for fun reading too.

To anyone reading all this drama and is/was considering this engine, it is a very good product. Sometimes we need to judge the art seperate from the artist, and in this case, Jan is well...Jan. But, he doesnt rip people off (as far as I am aware) , he is a talented and hard working amateur engineer, and he makes quality stuff while being focused on safety. I think the industry needs this engine and if you can handle the personality, he delivers what you pay for...well eventually. I couldn't handle the personality, but if I had to go through it again, I realize he is basically a harmless yapper....all in my opinion of course. I do love my Honda.... Blue skies!



The problem I have is that I will only get one chance to get this engine thing right,  Even at 14,000,  which is a great price I cannot afford to sink this much money into something that delivery is questionable and customer service is poor and rude.  I have never met or interacted with Jan,  but the impression I have gained from my reading his thread is poor.   I would rather pay more money and be assured the promise of delivery date that is kept,  that all parts are shipped on time without the song and dance of you will get a free upgrade of a ECU if you will wait.  I also want to know that the engine manufacturer is going to be around so I can get replacement parts for the engine.  I want to know that the manufacturer will take my technical questions in a friendly manner so I can get his product flying without stress or delay.  Jan has made a terrible impression on me in all of these areas so quite honestly I will pay more for a product that I feel will be better supported and reliable.  I am making these comments in the kindest manner so that Jan will understand.  My best suggestion to Jan is to hire a salesman to communicate for him in these forums and concentrate instead of managing his manufacturing so that deliveries don't lag for prepaid orders.   If it means the price of his engines has to go up,  then so be it.  His product and public image will be much improved.   

I was literally less than a month away from pulling the pin on a Viking...  I was doing final research on the purchase when I joined another forum made by Viking owners and potential owners to discuss issues that were not being answered on Jan's "official" forum. 

Of course I did not change my username (the same one I used on Jan's yahoo site, why would I?) and lo and behold I got punted from Jan site!!!  Just for JOINING the other forum.  I have never said anything bad about his product, in fact if you search my thread discussions here you will find me giving him praise for what he is doing for the aviation community... BUT now, after being treated like a criminal for just joining another unbiased forum I will never look at a Viking as an option. I wish Jan the best, we do need a cheaper engine alternative.

Lots of unbiased (well mostly, some guys have been burned and vent here as well) info here...


Hi Mark,

I thought about Jan's engines too,  but I am pretty dedicated to researching when I am going to spend a lot of money.


I have read quite a bit around the web about Jan.  It appears like he has burned a lot of customers on engines that were untested before they shipped.  There was one engine that a owner recounted spending years trying to get to work correctly, that only had a handful of engines that ever got into the air because the owners could never make them air worthy and reliable.  The blogger claims that the reason why this happened is that Jan doesn't choose to test his engine configurations,  rather he relies on his customers to discover and correct all of the issues that arise from his mistakes. This blogger claimed that Jan delayed shipments, in general shifted blame onto the owners,  and refused to help them or gave them the most minimal of responses to their questions once the deal is made.  

You know how the internet is,  You cannot trust everything that you read but when you read some of his arrogant remarks here and then you read all of his negative press then you begin to think that an accurate picture is being painted of his basic personality.  

Also  Jan may have a bit of a temper problem as his arrest record is public information on the web.

After reading all of this,  I have come to the conclusion that I will steer clear of him as far as engines is concerned.  I will choose something that has an established track record and generally positive feedback   


Have fun living in the passed. Just flew with Sebastien this morning and we had fun.


Well Jan,  my only answer to this is the bible verse below.  Consider repaying all of those people that you owe propellers and then I will think you are living in the present.

I truely am giving you a kindness.  Maybe a little time in the church will help.

Romans 13:7 ESV / 26 helpful votes

Pay to all what is owed to them: taxes to whom taxes are owed, revenue to whom revenue is owed, respect to whom respect is owed, honor to whom honor is owed. 

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