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Come on, Jan, stop teasing us! Give us a little more to go on. Anything about this going to be on your web site soon?

Hey Bob, we will have more out soon, will probably have some more information up this weekend! -Alissa

Thanks, Alissa. I have questions, but I didn't want to pester you with them until you get more info posted.

No problem, feel free to email me or ask away any time. 

Okay, since you offered....

The factory specs for the R18 show 139 HP. What do you do to it to get those 11 extra ponies?

Will there be an exhaust system, cowlings, etc. available? If so, how soon?

Will it fit the standard engine mount you offer?

And of course, how much?

Any updates on when we might see something on the web site? I'm very interested in this engine. I might well be one of the first buyers, but I'd really like to see more information.

Here's a link to a youtube video that just came out from Experimental Aircraft Channel.

Looks like they have to finalize the program yet.

Thanks so much, David. That answered several of my questions. But I have to admit it's prompted me to have a couple more new questions. Ain't that just typical?

It looks good. I like that the FWF will be nearly the same for the 750, maybe even a bit simpler, as Alissa said. I have the STOL kit, but I'm more interested in better cruise than better STOL performance, and it sounds like the advantage the 150 will have over the 130 will manifest more in STOL performance. Let's face it, you're pretty limited when it comes to increasing the cruise performance of a 'dirty' airframe like the 750 STOL. The Cruzer probably would have been a better choice for me, but the Cruzer didn't exist yet when I bought my kit. I'm thinking of just leaving off my slats, but that's a topic for a different post. So it appears the jury is still out on whether I'd get enough of the kind of performance improvement I'm looking for, to justify the increased cost.

The comment about detonation with this engine also raises questions for me. There still aren't many airports selling mogas. That's no problem at home because I live in an airpark and I'll have my own fuel trailer. With either the 130 or 150 I'd probably need TCP/Decalin if I went cross country or otherwise had to refuel with avgas somewhere else, but the comments made it sound like this will possibly be more of a concern with the 150. That may be no concern at all though, so it'd be nice to know more.

I also have to admit that there's a guy who has really sold me recently on the benefits of direct injection like that on the 130, so I'm kind of reluctant to move away from that. I don't want to name names, but the guy's initials are Jan Eggenfellner.

Obviously this is all still in the preliminary stage, and the 'impressions' I have at this point may turn out to be non-issues, minimal to the point of being irrelevant, or just mistaken impressions entirely. I'm actually glad to hear that they're still a couple months out on this so more information can come out before the engines start shipping (I'd kinda like to have one of the initial batch if I end up going with the 150). The lure of extra horsepower is very inviting, but it may well turn out that the 130 is still a better choice for me. I really wish some of this stuff was on the Viking web site. There's no clue on their web site whatsoever that there might be a new engine added to their lineup. Seems a little weird that you can only discover that by going to other sites, but I understand they're probably very busy and things are happening fast, so I don't really fault them for that. Been there and done that so many times myself before.

Thanks again for posting this link. It was very helpful.


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