Not sure where to exactly put this, but thought I'd start here in the Classified Listings. John A. please advise or move as appropriate.;)

I had a request to build roll and pitch servo mounts for install into a STOL750 similar to the way I did mine.  If there is enough interest (3 - 6 or more people) I would be willing to order the material and fabricate these items and make it a "one-stop shopping" kind of kit (no hunting around or shippng charges for other items) which would allow you to mount a pitch or roll servo (Dynon or MGL), I've not seen a Garmin servo, but that may also be a possibility.  I've made some improvements to the designs since my install to make the install simpler/easier and it would be an A&P/IA doing the fabrication. Kit price would range from $200 - $425 depending upon level of completion.  (Includes both mounts) From basic components cut and pilot drilled to completed assembly and expoxy primed units.  

These "should" work in the 750 Cruzer if the fuselage is the same in that area.  I don't know, as I never seen plans or an actual Cruzer. I can find that out from Roger at Zenith later if there is enough interest.  (Talked with Roger at Zenith...the 750STOL & Cruzer baggage areas are identical so these servo mounts will work with either 750 model.)

I am not a business, don't intend to be one, but thought I could help out the community by offering this up to any interested builders and flyers.  Having just gone through an assembly, it is all fresh in my mind and relatively easy to be efficient in making a few more of them.

The picture below is a fully completed kit.  Only fabrication required is sizing the shim material for the space between the fuselage crossmembr and pitch servo side.  Can also provide the kit unassembled, pilot drilled , no expoxy primer, or drilled and ready to rivet with the typical 1/8 Avex rivets used to build our Zenith aircraft.

NOTE:  As I've done a few of these, I've also incorporated a few minor revisions to the mounts which will be slightly different than the below picture.  These changes allow for easier fabrication and install.

Tell me what you're thoughts are!


Dave and the "Mighty Sky Turtle" N826DE

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Do you have any pictures to post? I'm not close to that point in my build yet, but it occurred to me that I'd probably want to see pictures if I was currently in the market for servo mounts. Just a thought.

I should be able to post some pics in a couple of days for those who may be interested in this.  Thanks Bob!

Garmin has a universal servo mount for its GSA 28 auto pilot servos.  They also have specific versions for Vans Aircraft. The universal mount is $92 from Aircraft Spruce. (a little less if you have an EAA credit card.)  These work for roll and pitch without much trouble.  I haven't figured out my yaw servo installation yet.

Tim, these are "purpose built" for the airframes, stronger structure, and work very well in the way they are attached to the airframe (very rigid, not flimsy in the least).  The pricing includes both mounts and reflects materials, labor and a bit of design effort to make this as close to "plug & play" as possible.  Trying to get a few pics and information document going and then will send to interested individuals or post here if permissible.


The Classifieds/For Sale Postings are intended for members' use to sell occasional items, projects, and planes.  As I understand it, you're proposing a one-time sale of several kits to assist other members with their servo installations.  I don't see any problem using the Classifieds to accomplish this.  If this was a continuous, on-going business (which you don't intend to do), we'd ask that a business advertise through Zenith Aircraft and list under the "Builder and Pilot Supplies" heading in the right-hand column of this page.  Most commercial advertisers have their own websites through which they can then conduct their business.

I thought I'd respond publicly so I could use this as a "teaching moment" in case other builders were unsure if this forum is an appropriate forum or not to sell an item.

Thanks for your active participation in the forums!

John Forum Moderator

Thank you John - appreciate the effort to elucidate the ROE.  You are correct on your understanding of my intent regarding this being kind of one-time thing.  Cheers!


I would be interested in these Dave. Just ordered 750 SD so have time. Plz keep me in posted thank you for contributing in this manner. Cheers.

Chris, not sure of the baggage area dimension for the SuperDuty.  Therefore, not sure if these mounts would work.  Great choice for a project, good luck with it!  If I find out the baggage area on the SD is the same as the STOL and Cruzer I'll let you know...



David - I would be interested in the mount kit if you proceed

Daryl, friend request sent.


I am not understanding something. How does the pitch servo connect? Y-stick configuration. Is the rotation of the elevator control horn small enough that you connect the push rod directly to it? I would have thought it would rotate left/right more than what a swivel would support.

Jeremy, here is the setup in mine.  STOL750 with Y stick.  I recently made pitch and roll servo mounts for another builder with MGL servos and if interested can do another set for you. HTH!


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