A year or two ago there was a post about using rubber boots around the steering rods. I believe there were photos too.

Could someone provide the link to those posts if available. I've been searching for an hour and haven't found anything. If there are any posts talking about the metal piece that slides up and down during steering I would be interested in that post also.



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Take a look at my plane site - there are several pictures of how I addressed the issue.  Used regular baffling silicone mtl that was laying around the shop.  Also put two layers of shrink wrap over the threaded portion of the rods to make them slide better.  I think you can get the idea from the pics.  Has worked very well with no leakage - the idea was to have an interference fit with the baffling moving up and down during nose wheel  strut travel. Couldn't fathom the idea of adding the force of compressing the boots. Also sort through the pics for other ideas - how to seal up the doors, extra locks for the doors  and smoothing the transition over the  top of the windshield, el cheapo and very light seating, insulation that reduces noise and the wall to wall carpeting. I've also added the vikng steel spring on the nose and love it, right now I'm in the final throws of what I call delta-g's that I copied from the glass air sportsman.  Seems to really control the burble over the flat 701 fuselage top and has made all the difference in slow flight without the annoying burble.

Questions drop me an email at madriver42 AT gmail.com.

Still grinning.

Phil Smith


Buhl, ID



Thanks for the info. Is the baffling silicon material in your photo like this from Aircraft Supply ??


What are the advantages of using this material ? Does it slide up and down with less resistance, or some other advantage ?

Haven't had a chance to look at your other ideas yet.

I too have installed the Viking spring and really like it. One thing I do notice and it may be due to the spring being adjusted too loose, is that going over rough taxiway, the pedals pulsate for an instant. I haven't tried tightening the spring, since the pedals are so much smoother now. 



Yes the mtl is the red stuff reinforced with some type of fiber - it gives its a little more rigidity. Advantages - none I can think of, metal seems a little ridged and noisy, plastic could be affected by heat and the mtl was used under cowl. Also there is blue, black and what ever but don't buy the whole roll just stop by your friendly FBO and mooch a little.

I found a piece of al that was about the same thickness of the mtl and used that for the spacer.  The weird holes were to clear previous rivets on the FW,.  The whole idea was to have the rods - covered with shrink wrap - with a very little interference and the baffling mtl slide up and down as the nose wheel travels.  So far 210 plus hours I like the setup and  see no leakage - also on a whim I bought a comercial CO detector and see no real levels of CO. 



Hi Phil - do you have a link to your "plane site"? I've done some searching and can't find it.



Gary just click on my picture - takes you right there


Similar to Phil, I used some Teflon sheet, cut to the same size as the metal "sliders" with close fitting holes for the rods. I got this idea from a 701 owner, who did the same thing to eliminate the rattling around of the metal sliders, which had bothered him until he found out where it was coming from. At low speeds, the baffles don't have enough pressure against them to remain stationary. Silicone rubber sounds like a good way to go.
Dave Muse

To find the rubber boots, you have to do a search in the photos on the top bar.

Those are the same boots that I used.

Ivan in Texas

Thanks to all for the recommendations and suggestions.

Richard, Ivan,

The photo of the dual boot is a little difficult to see. Did you cut the dual boot in half ? Also did you leave the sliding metal piece in the bulkhead, or did you remove that when using the boot ?



Yes i cut the booth in half. Try to attache photos of my installation


Ditto Richard.

My installation was identical to his.

Ivan from Texas


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