So here goes.

With my move to Arizona 3 years ago, I started thinking about the CH650B that I had bought plans for, and contemplating what my new missions would look like.

There are many back country and dirt strips, As I get older, I want to ensure safety, which a slower landing speed will support...

I called Joyce today and asked what I needed to do to swap out my CH650 plans for a set of CH750 plans. She asked how long I have owned the plans... Not sure how that factors into the equation. She will discuss my request with Sebastian and Roger(?).

We will see. I have enjoyed being part of the CH650 community, and have met many owners and some that are still building. All have inspired me to follow through with my goals.

I look forward to speaking with Joyce and hearing Zenith's response.

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I remember seeing something in their office that if you had your plans a relatively short time, and they updated from say, an edition 1 to edition 2, they'd update the plans for either free or a relatively low fee.  If you've had 'em for an unknown-to-me longer time, it's basically buy a new set of plans.

Dunno how you stored 'em, but if they're relatively obviously used/thumbed thru, the plans are of little use to someone else unless at a fire sale price.  If they've updated the plans, edition-wise, they're basically worthless, but that's just my guess.

"Hey!  I drove around this 2016 Chevy for only 100 miles, kept in it in the garage, but now I want a Buick. Can you swap 'em out?"

Sincerely, I'm not trying to be snarky or anything, just trying to provide some explanation as to why they might be a bit uncomfortable doing what you ask. As I said, if you've only had the plans a short time, I don't see any issue at all.

Alternatively, I can see a case where if you bought a kit, as in give them a chance to make some $$$ (and the kit comes with the plans), they might deduct the plans cost, but that's just a thought.

They are very helpful folks and go more out of their way than I would have thought in other cases, so ya never know. Then again, they are a very small company and can't have the lavish return policies that LL Bean or other companies are known for.

Carl, thanks for sharing.

From my view point, they are selling their IP.  The plans are serialized and if I surrender the S/N, they can resell it, and I can not build it.

They already made money on the plans, I would only get a portion back as a credit towards the 750.  If they have a reasonable upcharge for this, I will be buying many parts from Zenith as I build.  This means even more money changing hands...

The Kitfox is also attractive, as are other options, but, truth be told, I would prefer to be a Zenith owner.

The cost of a fresh set of plans is minimal anyway, in the grand scheme of things.  Plus, I have learned a ton just from looking at drawings for various homebuilt aircraft, even if they're for airplanes that I'm not building. 

Purchasing of a set of drawings is one of the "final steps" in my decision-making process of whether-or-not I'm going to build an airplane.  For example, I have purchased plans for the Pietenpol, GN-1, Meyers Little Toot, Wittman Tailwind (both versions, and I'm currently building one of these), ULF-2, Marquart MA-5, and others that I've probably forgotten about.

Also, my old EAA chapter would periodically host a "Plans Night", where everyone could bring in a set of drawings for everyone else to look at.  It was fascinating...

- Pat

When I first started this adventure, I purchased the plans for the 750.  I had the plans for about 6 months and decided I liked the 650 better and it seemed like an easier build based on less parts compared to the 750.  I bought the plans for the 650 and sold my 750 plans here.  I only lost about $100.  If you post it to sell, they will come.

Hi Mark, 

Like I said on your latest post, I am willing to swap my Cruzer plans for you 650B plans.  I have found that my mission has changed as well but in the opposite direction as you.  Please let me know your intentions.  

Rick Wright 


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