New Form Link

I have a new way for you to join the spreadsheet

Long term I think it will make it more secure to participate. If you fill out the form, I will be the only one that can see your email address. I will only use your email address to secure the form and map. Only catch is, it has to be Google compatible email address.

  • If your personal email account wont work
  • Its super easy to create a google gmail account and link it to your own personal account. I created one after my N Number.
  • Its - you could use this account to log into the shared spreadsheet and new Google map.

New Form Link

Winners Announced See Latest Post!!! 

I will contact all the winners and let them know what what they need to do next.

Thanks for Participating !!!

Zenith Aircraft Builder and Pilot Experience Info Sheet

Google Shared Sheet Link


Google Map Topic/Discussion Moved here

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns.

Thanks for taking any time you can from your project or flying, to fill out the spreadsheet.


John M. Greiner

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I agree Jim. I will add this field . thanks for the suggestion.

Free Zenith T-Shirt Prize will be awarded to a randomly selected pilot/builders who have contributed to the "Zenith Aircraft Builder and Pilot Experience Info Sheet" I will randomly select the winner once we reach 50 contributors.
It's just a small token of my appreciation, and I hope we reach 100 contributors and beyond. Pick the size and style of your choice from the Zenith web site, and I will see that it is shipped to you. I will only need the shipping address of where you want the T-Shirt to go, that you can privately share via email or friending me on the forum.
I want to thank all of the Zenith Builders and Flyers that have contributed to the shared spreadsheet here on this post so far. We were up to 42 contributors the last time I checked. Please continue to spread the word about the info sheet. 
John M. Greiner

Fantastic idea John. 

Any way to adjust the construct of the sheet to make the data more 'sortable'? For example, let's say I'm interested in researching the climb performance for all 701s flying with Rotax 912 engines and what prop and pitch setting they are using. Would be great to sort for model '701', then 'Flying', then 'Rotax 912', etc.

If a bridge too far at this point no worries. Thanks again for doing this.


That's a great idea too. I have thought about doing it, but not the how to do it. I make my living in IT, so I use Microsoft Excel, even when it doesn't make sense to use Microsoft Excel, LOL. Google Sheets is a little different, but in many ways the same.

Now here is one option for everyone to use, not saying its the best, but its just one option. You can always save a copy of the spreadsheet at any point to your Google Drive or local device drive, and filter or even remove to your hearts content. 

What I was worried about was if I added sorting and filtering, when I sorted the master shared spreadsheet, the way I sort it would effect everyone's view. And if 2 of us were you using the sheet we could get into a sorting battle, so to speak. I don't know if this is actually true, because I haven't tried it with another Google User.

Now another similar idea I have had, is the thing is getting really long. I left it one long sheet because its easy to stay in one place. But I thought about breaking up the major categories Like airframe and engine into separate tabs for example, in the same sheet. Still one big shared spreadsheet, but divided a bit by tabs.The first 3 or 4 columns would be automatically be the same on all 3 tabs so you could find your place, ie your aircraft on each tab. This might be easier on the eyes a bit. I am in IT as I said, so I am used to staring at ridiculously long spreadsheets, but that's not fun for everyone necessarily.


 Your idea of separate tabs (e.g., engine, airframe, avionics, etc) is right on. I had also been thinking about this.  I use this "technique" when I also use excel spreadsheets for other non-financial uses.  I then add a new blank "first"  tab and then you can paste your columns their to create your personalized spreadsheet. However a better approach is to put a hyperlink from a column in the large spreadsheet to your personalized tab.  Thus whenever a column is updated it automatically changes your personalized tab.  Just a thought.


You can reference the first three colums, or however many, in the first tab, on the other tabs, so whatever is typed in the first tab, naturally flows to the other tabs. It would be easy on us pilots and builders, and bring the data together without any effort. More or less exactly what you said above.

What's hard is to know what helps most people without doing a survey. What me and you think is a great idea, may not be good for another. But in this case, I think it might be worth the risk and assume our opinion is right. Thanks so much for your ideas and opinions on this, and most of all for contributing to the forum in general. Hope your building/flying is going well!!!

Thanks, John - This is fantastic and filled the details of my build as much as I can. Looking forward to wrapping the building and fly it sooner than later.

We are at 48 participants, so close, I know someone wants a T-Shirt.

Disclaimer - Oh and I have already exempted myself from the T-Shirt prize.

My girlfriend is already tired of all the Zenith stuff I wear already and I quote, "Gee Wiz don't you spend enough time with that plane, do you have to wear it to bed too?" Of course we know the answer to that is a "Resounding Yes". And yes she actually said "Gee Wiz".

Coming Soon...

  • I plan to break the spreadsheet up into multiple tabs to help make the data easier to view and sort if you save your own copy.
  • I will place the big sections of the spreadsheet into tabs, that will start with the same 3 or 4 columns, so you can easily find, add, or modify your data:
    • Participant #
    • Pilot Name
    • Aircraft

TIPS - helpful ideas to promote the spreadsheet usability

  • Sorting / Filtering - Please only enter data, only sort or filter, at this time, if you make your own copy of the spreadsheet. If I can figure out a way to make a shared spreadsheet only affect the user viewing this won't be necessary. I haven't had time to test to see if a sort I do while viewing, effects my fellow builders/flyers viewing or editing.
  • Copies - You can make your own copy of the spreadsheet and use it however you want, but please be respectful of the Live shared spreadsheet.
  • Data Protection - I make a backup copy at least 3 to 4 times a week to help prevent large amounts of data from being lost. Please report any concerns you have to me as soon as you can so I can fix them. Don't worry about mistakes, I can fix just about anything. The most important things is reporting something as soon as you have time. If you feel some of your data has been altered mistakenly or intentionally let me know. I don't think security has been an issue yet, but I have some options I can invoke, I have avoided to keep it easy to update.
  • Privacy -  although most people that reach the spreadsheet get to it because they are part of the forum, there is no implied security. Please don't put anything in the spreadsheet you don't want complete strangers seeing. For most of us its not a problem, we know anyone can go to N Number lookup on the FAA and get way more personal info than will likely end up on the spreadsheet, but privacy is important, and I feel its worth at least a comment here.
  • Questions??? - Everyone I took the time to do this for you, ya and a little for me, but I will make every effort to answer any question you have as fast as possible. But please ask questions, I am here to help.

T- Shirt Prize

Guys I know its tax time and all, but please make sure you enter real people and real data about real kits and planes.

Unless you can prove your cat or dog actually built 51% of your plane, they are not eligible to win a t-shirt and should not be listed as a builder or pilot.

Now I can prove my dog destroyed 100% of my seat covers, but that is another issue entirely, and no I can't add a column for "pet mods".

T-Shirt Winner Announced!

The Google gods have spoken.

Builder number 37 in the spreadsheet, "Come on down...". 

37 Glenn Johnson N676L

If builder 37 declines the prize, I will run the random number generator again, for the alternate, until someone accepts.

Thanks Everyone! Ok, then onto 100 then...

Interesting  note - the engine tallies after 50 contributors:

3 Engine Choices are tied for 1st.

  • Corvair (something tells me these guys stick together, they seemed to all show up at the same time, awesome!)
  • UL Power
  • Viking (Jan, reach out to your viking guys/gals, lets get the lead back)

(All, No cheating, don't make people, planes, or performance up just so your engine wins)

Guys, I hope you realize I am completely kidding on who wins the engine battle, its all about helping people make comfortable informed decisions. All of the engine choices are perfect, for the right person, right plane, and the right mission. Do your homework, its an important decision. But clearly these 3 engines are flying and now you know who to ask with specific questions.

This could grow into a great Reference / Index. Well done!  


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