Can anyone tell me what the CH701 is like with the Rotax 582.

Thanks -Joe

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I hope you get some valuable input.  The 582 sure looks like a nice engine and if I had a 701 would give it serious consideration.   

Thanks, I am in the learning research phase.

It's listed as an engine option in this article from the zenith site here:

Also listed here, where the Jabiru 2200cc is noted as a popular replacement for it.

However they no longer have the performance specs available on the zenith website, they only have them up for the 912.  So I gave them a call to see if they still had the specs available and Roger is supposed to get back to me with them.

It's great to having choices.  Hope others chime in who have real world experience with the engine/airplane combo.

By the way, Viking Aircraft Engines is just now starting to deliver 3 cylinder engines for the 701. 

From an e-mail conversation with a CH701 Rotax582 owner here is some performance info:
Vy - 50mph
cruise 75% power about 65 mph
full throttle 69 mph
burns around 5 gph

Before building my Jabiru 2200 powered 701, I was taken for a flight in a Rotax 532 powered one.

It had good climb etc. ,  similar overall with the J2200. over the years I have considered a 582 as a replacement engine, but not needed to do that so far. 

From a leaflet I picked up at Oskosh - '95 or '96 most likely, the factory specs are:

Performances:       582 (65hp)single/ gross:       912(80hp) single / gross:

takeoff roll               60ft   /  115ft                          50ft   /  90ft

top speed                85mph  /  85mph                   95mph  /  95mph

cruise 75%              75mph  /  75mph                   80mph  /  80mph

stall                          25mph  /  28mph                   28mph  /  30mph

rate of climb             1400fpm  /  1200fpm           1600fpm  /  1400fpm

range (std)                       250 n.mi                                        270 n.mi

with wing tanks                450 n.mi                                        450 n.mi

In those days the empty weight was 460 lbs and gross 960lbs

stop press: changes in last published factory figures I have from 2002, for the 1100lbs revison design:

                                  single / dual                                single / dual

stall                           28mph  /  30mph                        28mph  /  30mph

takeoff roll                   60ft  /  115ft                              45ft  /  90ft

langing roll                  80ft  /  140ft                              80ft  /  140ft

service ceiling feet       15,000+ / 12,000+                  15,000+ / 12,000+

std range(miles)                300                                                400

endurance                        4hrs                                                5hrs

Thanks Ralph-

The numbers given to me above are from an older kit with weights of 485 empty 920 gross. Am I correct that the early 701s from the 90s had a max installed engine weight of 130lbs?


I started looking at the 701 in 1993, so have kept some notes
in 1986 gross weight was 880 lbs, the standard engine was the Rotax 503: the limitations were 45 to 85 hp and weight 90 to 130 lbs
My info sheet probably 1993 qoutes any engine weight less than 130 lbs, between 50 and 100 hp. This was the 960 lb gross weight model.
In 2001 the gross went to 1100 lbs with the rev.4 plans which is my model.
The plans quote "powerplant limitations are: 100 BHP and 2001bs"

Old dead thread I know, but, here I am years later and thinking about a CH701/Rotax 582 and looking for the same info!

Anyone flying the newer version with a Rotax 582?

Chris I would not install anything less than 80 hp in the 1100 lb factory kit 701 unless you are ok with foregoing STOL capability and being restricted to a single place aircraft with a minimal fuel load in warmer weather. And that’s assuming you are flying out of an airport with modest Density Altitudes most of the year. 

I purchased a 701 with a 670 in it, built by Rotax Rick, and I love it so far, great hp from such a small package. Around 100 hrs and no complaints so far, aside from sounding like an overgrown weedeater :)


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