I had a corvair install and used the PC 680, I am on my second battery.

I replaced corvair with O200 so now I only need reserve power for facet fuel pumps, without distributor energizing.

Have any corvair powered AC gone LIpo? Im thinking of EarthX etx900vnt mounting in aft location as in my corvair mount

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I replaced my PC680 with an EarthX battery.  The EarthX worked great until one month after the warranty expired one of the cells went bad and the battery was useless.  I was disappointed a $400 battery only lasted two years.  I replaced the EarthX with my now eight year old PC680 and have had no problems.  

Good Luck,



The PC680's are near-bulletproof as evidenced by your 8 year-old still working well!  OTOH, I've had a good experience with the EarthX, too.

Just curious, did you contact EarthX even though the battery was out-of-warranty?  I've not had any out-of-warranty issues, but they have such good customer support I wondered if they might have offered at least some sort of adjustment in price on a replacement?




I contacted EarthX and had no problems with their customer service. They offered me a discount on a replacement battery, which I considered, but buying another EarthX even with the discount would cost more than twice that of a PC680.  I wish it lasted longer because it worked well and weighed around 10 pounds less than the PC680.  Ultimately, I decided that reliability was more important than weight savings.  Its possible I got a dud but I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars to prove or disprove that.  I'm glad your EarthX is working well for you.


so far earthx etx900vnt working very well, like the external vent. I also installed OV light instead of ems hookup. My PC 680 was pulling a big amp load to recharge and mostly was below min volts alert on my dynon ems. Using B&C alt 20 amp output  eexternal regulator with crowbar OV protection. 

Ken could the Earthx failure be to overvoltage high current recharge from alternator?


It’s unlikely the failure is due to any charging issues. My charging voltage is a steady 13.8 - 14 volts and I’ve never tripped the overvoltage protection device. Moreover, if I understand correctly, the EarthX internal circuitry should prevent overcharging and overdischarging.


I have an Aerovoltz AV012 from Aircraft Spruce in my Corvair powered CH-750. Purchased it 03/21/16 for $320.00 Canadian, used it for all my panel testing and playing before my first flight April 8, 2017 and now have 170 hours on it with no problems at all.  



Reporting back, so far no issues with Earthx ETX900VNT . Replaced batt in motorcycle to EarthX too.

Earthx better at holding voltage on those      Start, Taxi,...... fuel,  Start,...... fly days

I switched to LiPo, but I didn't pay the EarthX tax. I bought a Scorpion. The big payoff was that it helped clean up my landing. The Corvair being so heavy, the nose wheel would drop hard nearly as soon as the mains touched. Loosing 10lbs of battery weight seemed to fix that.

It also turned the engine a lot faster on startup.


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