I see in the latest video that Zenith have come up with a new nose wheel system apparently all aircraft at Oshkosh have them installed and will soon be released to the public.

Can some one please take some photos as would really like to change mine before my COA weight and balance inspection that is happening soon.

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Its back up, I just viewed the video using the link posted by Paul above.

It just didn't look like there was anything to break or fail. If it woks its' definitely more elegant and simple than the Viking Steel Bungee,

I was discussing this new system with Roger at the AirVenture Zenith banquet.  He said the "pegs" or stubs of tubing that retain the bungee must be cut off and the resultant defects welded shut to provide a smooth surface for the puck system to slide over.  (Or, you can buy a new gear leg, or, send in your gear leg and Zenith will modify it for you.) He said to not paint the area covered by the pucks but rather to polish the steel so they can slide smoothly.

He did not have any weight data but said it would definitely weigh less (and cost le$$!) than the Viking "steel bungee."

FWIW, I'm just on my second bungee in 6+ years!  The present one looks like new although I know the external appearance may not correlate with internal deterioration!  Roger said I ought to be changing them annually.  He thought Rotax owners have more problems due to heat issues - my Jab 3300 sits well forward of the bungee and I think that helps keep it cool.  Nevertheless, I'm definitely going to try the new puck system when it is available.

BTW, some Mooney's have used the rubber puck/donut landing gear suspension system.



Ya I had to redo my whole firewall this week the old bunggie was two weak just broke out the bracing to firewall. Have 26 on front and 31 on main have 801


Say again? Your bungee damaged your firewall?


This looks like a simple upgrade and probably a bit nicer than the Viking solution. I am definitely going to consider this one for the future.

I believe Ercoupes use the same system - it has been around for a long time and proven.

Thanks for the post on new bungge looks great ,gust need to now no the cost.

I lost my first 801 on its back in a hayfield in Kansas due to a 2 year old, just recently inspected bungee. When it failed my rudder locked. Mine failed under the label, with no external signs of deterioration.  Looking at the short length of the embrittled section where it failed and the fact that most of the brittle fibers were concentrated on the side of the label with the most glue, I suspect that someone changed the label glue and it is going after the rubber.  I have a design worked out using a Nissan McPherson strut and a coil over spring as a retrofit.  Just need the time to get it done. But if any of you can find details on the rubber donut design please share it. I like simple.  I know of companies that make those engineered rubber donuts, so they are easy to get.  I also would like to get rid of the stiff rudder problem as well. 

I'm unfamiliar with the 801 but curious if the Viking Spring would work on that as well?

Would love to see donut pictures. Steel bungee could be adapted with a heavier spring. But you still have stiff rudder and even less damping in rebound. And steel cables break too. Can't wait to see the donuts mod.

Love having options.


I just installed the new "donut" system. Details are here.



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