Q&A - Zodiac 601XL -650 for the latest upgrade drawings of November 24 2009

This Q&A is for the upgrade kit of the Zodiac 601XL & 650 based on drawings of Nov. 24, 2009 and AMD Safety Alert of November 7. 2009

New drawings:
Nov. 24, 2009: We've updated the draft Drawings 6-ZU-1, 6-ZU-2, 6-ZU-3 and 6-ZU-4, and LAA Aileron Balance.

For very detailed questions (or if you must complain or vent), email me at newplane@gmail.com

Please post all your questions on the last page.

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Can you pass on this customer feedback to who needs to know please, re the Mods.. on the website Seb writes

The Zenair Newsletter publication will include the video footage (on DVD) of the Upgrade Package kit installation (part two) with the next issue of the print Newsletter.

OK the newsletter is extra to Zenith and costs extra money. Of note the VANS RV Newsletters are free and available for download on the net. Why should I have to pay Extra money to someone not employed by Zenith to get the latest info or DVD footage about a safety upgrade.

Better customer service would be to have all this info / footage available on a disk that comes with the upgrade kit ( which we have paid Zenith for) The available factory, info Chris H letters and extra DVD footage should not be only available to people who have paid this extra money, it should be available to all Upgrade kit builders.

Of note the Aussie Zenith Newsletters are freely available and sent out to all Aussie Zenith Builders and flyers.
And in the Nov Dec Newsletter
Seb writes

This issue features the pertinent issues regarding the Ch 601XL upgrade including a guest memo from Chris Heintz on the topic. The DVD features the first installment of the videos from the Zenith upgrade on the demonstrator CH 601XL.

So what have I missed out on that was Pertinent to the upgrade,??

Also I am not having a go at Jon, I think Homebuilt help is great and have a bought a few of his Disks

But just think all the info regarding the upgrade should be included in the pugrade, and not as an extra. If the DVD would have cost an extra couple of $$ to buy and burn, I would have gladly paid it . Its just messy having to chase extra info, that maybe is pertinent to the upgrade for fear of missing something out that was relevent.
yes I got a letter from CASA (your FAA) grounding my AMD aircraft ( of which I dont own as i built my XL from a kit). My beef is that they say there is relevent infomation in the Newsletter re the mods and I will have to pay extra to get it from a different source. Why??
You raise a good point but this is not the place for this. Please direct this to Sebastian at Zenith.

However, let me say this.

When customers purchase the aircraft drawings, they are told about the newsletter. The Zenair newsletter is independent and yes, someone has to spend a lot of time and money putting it together.

With all the Chris Heintz models around the world, there is no way that we have all the owners addresses, especially when a project is sold to a second owner. So the Zenair newsletter is the best way for all owners to be up to date on the designs.

Regarding the upgrade, all the drawings are posted on the web and a paper copy can be mailed if requested. The drawings cover all the details of the upgrade. Let me know if you think changes need to be made to the drawings themselves.

The excellent upgrade blog that Zenith has been posting on this site does include the assembly instructions. My understanding is that Jon (newsletter editor) is putting everything together on a single CD (with no new important information).

So to all, please make sure that you are signed up to the Zenair newsletter as this is the best way for CH to give you updates.
Yep, since this FAA business with the Zenith 601 XL; it appears that all kitbuilders should have all availiable information that Zenith has gererated at no cost or free and available for download on the net!
You are correct and this is what we have been doing. There is no information that I know of that is not free to all regarding the upgrade.
We have done drawings, assembly instructions with video's and an upgrade kit that is at a ridiculously low price.

Wishing all of you a happy new and prosperous year.
Yes, I will see about posting the factory spar upgrade in the next week or so.
Is there any update to when we can look for the revised Ch650 drawings?
We do not have a date for the revised 650 drawings at this time, but we are working on it. For 650 builders, use the present upgrade drawings as this will be easier. The new 650 drawings will not necessarily have retrofitable parts like the upgrade kit. For instance, on the centre spar, the front and rear webs will be out of 0.063" as it is easy to do this when building a new spar at the factory.
oops; after cutting through sheilded wires from the radio how does an idiot join them back together again
they make a splice for shielding, and the other you will have to butt splice them together. if you can't find the splice for the shielding you can just butt splice them together normally. Generally a small break around the wire won't be bad unless it is in a bundle where the mag p-leads are.
Hope this helps,
The best way is to replace the entire coax. That causes the least loss of signal, and what I'll simply call "signal quality," to stay out of a technical discussion.

The second choice would be to install new male connectors on each end of the cut, and connect them to a female barrel connector. This will always cause some degredation, but it may or may not be objectionable in your instance. However, if the routing of the cable does not allow full access, it may be the only option.

Do not, under any circumstances, try to splice the two cables. When one does this, it is possible to create a condition in which transmit power is reflected back to the radio, and burns out the radio's final stages.


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