I have about 10 hours on my 3300 Gen 3.  I am seeing the oil collection tank/air - oil separator (the plastic one attached to the crankcase vent) get about half full after 4 - 5 hours.  Is this to be expected until rings seat?  How many hours required for rings to seat.  I am using Phillips 50 XC oil.

Since the collection tank is vented to the engine compartment,  I am getting some oil film on the cowling and firewall mounted components.  Is there a suggested way to reduce or eliminate this.  I am considering adding a second vented container into which I would connect the small tank vent and the overflow tube. Sort of a second "baffle" set up.



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I've got a 3300 that was built during the transition from Gen 2 to Gen 3.  These engines seem really slow to break-in the rings.  As I recall, it was about 25 hrs at least and oil consumption continued to improve for dozens of hours after that!  I used to use the collection tank supplied with the FWF kit, but it never accumulated more than an ounce or two in 25 hrs.  I now use a Motion Aero oil separator which drains the captured oil back down the vent.  There's a rare drop of moisture that accumulates at the end of the vent pipe, but it does not drip oil at all.  You might want to try the Motion Aero separator with a catch can downstream from that, and eventually you'll probably not even need the catch can.




Thanks for the info.  I will be calling Motion Aero today.  Wonder why Jabiru does not include this with FWF kit rather than the collection bottle?

Thanks again!


Tried to call Motion Aero several times.  Got answering machine each time.  Left message.  No callback.   

Did find plans on internet for making one.  May give it a shot.

You can order a separator on-line from their website, but I have no experience with the company as I bought mine "used like-new" on Ebay.



i've read on the motion-aero website that they have the plans posted on their website, although i have yet to discover where.

if you recall the web address where you found the plans, would you link it, or send me a note?

greatly appreciated,



I didn't see plans on their web site, either.  I did find plans at https://www.recreationalflying.com/topic/13721-oil-recovery-system/.

Scroll down about 12 messages.  It is a little tough to read but it can be done.

I gave some thought to building one but after reviewing the plans but decided it was a better expenditure of my time and funds to get it from Motion-Aero.  Good product and nice folks!



I got my oil collection bottle from the JabiruUSA FWF kit.  One installation precaution was that the bottle should be mounted such that the hose runs uphill from the engine a ways so as to not allow every drop of oil that enters the tube from running overboard.  I assume you already know this and your installation includes an uphill run.  The bottle I got has both an inlet and an outlet tube that I believe fits a 3/8" hose.  I ran an outlet hose all the way down to below the bottom of the firewall.  Only the bottom of my 601XL sees vented oil. My collection bottle also has a hole in the very top in case the outlet hose gets clogged, buy my engine compartment is not oily in the least.

I get about 1-2" of oil in the bottle at each oil change.  I do not recall having any excessive oil in the bottle during my initial break-in running.

Dave G.

Just 20 hours on the engine, but on the advice of Nick at Arion and some other Jabiru owners I have been keeping the oil level at the bottom hole on the dipstick and mine quit blowing oil into the bottle.  I add about 100 ml every two or three hours to keep it at that level.  I hope it continues this way. 


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