So can someone tell me the trick to mounting these tubeless tires, how does a guy get the o ring to stay on the wheel half while bolting the two pieces together. I used to do tires for a living and I'm confused, I'm thinking tubes. Kevin  P.S Matco wheels

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I just finished installing tubes in mine. Everything was fine until it wasnt. Right main went flat, twice ,so I ordered the tubes from Matco. and put it in the right main only. Two weeks and again the right main is flat along with the nosewheel. ( insert anger here). turns out the right main was pinched, and the O ring in the nosewheel was broken in half. For me, tube was the way to go even though I have talked alot of people who have not had any problems with the tubeless installation. Mine had been on the wheels for a year before the problems and only after 20 hours on the airframe did the problems come up. No real hard landings either. :).



On mine I (contrary to the directions) bolted the wheel halves together first. Then I put some liquid soap on the o-ring just to help it be a little slippery, and stretched it over the rim carefully. Once past the rim it snapped into place in the crevasse of the wheel right where it belonged. My tires have been mounted for about a year and a half (and now with about 50 hours flying time on them) and still no leakage or problems. They hold air at least as well as my car tires do. A little liquid soap diluted with water on the tire bead before installation makes the tire go on easier, too. 

Good luck, and keep building; it's worth it!


Randy, So you mounted the tire on the wheel just like you would a car tire, didn't think of doing it that way, I was just worried the o ring will dry rot over time. thanks, Kevin
2 out of 3 of mine leaked the first time I put 'um on, called Matco for advice...suggested I use Vaseline on the O-rings, did, worked fine with no leaks for 5 months now. Regarding installing the O-ring, I put the O-ring on after bolting the halves together.


      I heated up the O ring in hot water and with a little Vaseline I slipped it over the hub. Its been a almost a year in the garage with no evident leaks.

             Rob M 

It looks like all of you guys did it the same way. When I read the directions I thought there was no way it would work the way Matco said to do it. Thanks
We used tyre mounting soap and held the ring off on the slope whilst we put it together - took 2 and a half people! Rings in place over one year with no issues - even with bush landings (see and look at the 701 sequences).  Looks like there is more than one way to ring a hub!
I got the tires mounted today. I mounted the tire on the two halves first, tighten down three bolts, set the wheel on a short 2x4 (stem side) then slip the o ring over the back side, while pushing down on the tire. Kevin


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