Don't ask me why but I got the wild hair to add lighting to my CH 701.  Actually I can now kind of legally fly after sunset  adding another 30 to 40 minutes to my day before dark.

This is what happens when you run across a Strobe / Wig wag / Landing light kit for $39.00 at CRAZEDPILOT.COM...other good stuff there too!!!

Started with the basic kit installing the LED lights inside the leading edge of my slats...that looked sooo good I purchased four more LED white bullet LEDs and a red and green bullet LED.

Mounted the wing tip  "nav lights" on a piece of polished aluminum and put them on the wing tips.  The inner lights were mounted on a piece white plastic pipe about six inches long mounted under the struts and are faced both fore and aft.

Cost: About $85.00 using parts from around the shop and sweat equity.

Left out how I made the mounts etal on creative in your install!!!

Check out the video on Zenith videos.



Still Grinnin


Phil Smith


Buhl, ID

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Link to Video

Quite a light show!

It will be interesting to see what your long-term experience is with these inexpensive LED's - keep us posted!



All ready found that I'll have to make some sort of shields to keep the light out od the cockpit - kinda disconcerting as it gets darker with the strobing wig wag on the instrument panel. Anyway was a fun project JFSAG.

ttfn  and still grinning.


Very nice, I too have added the CrazedPilot lights in my wings, even if I can not fly at night they will help with day time visabilty.  You will have to let me know how well they work.  


We need to have a contest - who's are brighter - did you put yours in the slats?  Would have been a lot easier as part of the build.  Frankly from what I'm seeing if I did it again I'd probably put two bullet lites in the end of each slat and the inboards the way I did them.  I'm going to take some pics with everything off in day light so folks can see what I did.  Don't know why but during my project dreaming, prototyping and building I very rarely take any pictures.

Still grinning.


Phil, I will not have slats on my 750, I scratch built drooped nose wings.  I did put the lights on the tips of the wings, I went with the larger 48 led lights, I figured they might give more light.  I did build them into the wing, and bent lexan around the wing tip.  I think they turned out pretty good, but it will be a while before I get the plane up in the air.  I am currently overhauling the engine for my CH-2000, so that will set me back a bunch of money, money that should be going into the 750.  We will compare lights when my 750 is up and running though.

OK kids, as a follow-up and Questions about what the lights look like in the day with no power.  I have attached photos for your review.

I think, as I said before, that if I did this again I would probably put a couple of the white bullet lights in the out board slat in place of the one that came with the controller.  Why? Easier and cleaner install.  Anyway for a few bucks this is what you get - see the video attached elsewhere.

Still grinning.




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