cuz its already done order to quiet the oil can effect noise in my 701, I glued styrofoam to the walls and floor of the rear fuselage.

Well a man thats smarter than me pointed out that the adhesive could be corrosive to the aluminum.  

I used liquid nails construction adhesive that I found in the aviation aisle  at Lowes.

Should I rip out what I did and just go with the diagonal L channel stiffeners?

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somebody said the same thing to me about Lumicolor markers. 

For peace of mind, you could ask the glue manufacturer.

They usually have an email address for such questions...

3M #10 neoprene contact cement works great on aluminum. Tested on some foam and did not melt it. Available thru Amazon. This is the adhesive the skin on the BD-5 is bonded with.
Correction BD-4

Scott, So many people make such an issue of the oil canning noise, but its not an issue at all. You may notice it your first hours, but after that you just don't focus on it at all. It will make noise in uncoordinated flight which is ok. Can't advise on your glue issue you'll have to look into that. Don't even worry about the noise, just enjoy the plane, its a great build and super to fly every time.

Thanks Pat,  actually I don't care too much about the noise in flight, I have even been told that it makes for a pretty cheap stall warning.  I am just trying to avoid all of the clatter when first staring the engine.  I have been around other all aluminum planes when they fire and non flying people are not too impressed when they hear all the racket.  Still a long ways to go before then though.  

Hey Scott , I'm a ' squeak freek ', rattles, wind leaking , buzzing etc. drives me nuts!  I'm well aware that it's impossible to eliminate them all. But after talking to other builders I've found that you can do a lot with parts prep and technique to help. Be meticulous about deburing including edges , pre-priming , painting even a thin coat of anti-corrosion between mating surfices goes a long way towards eliminating vibrations. I've decided to wait until after the first few hours and before final paint to address any ' oil-canning ' issues. I'm thinking that wind noise will be my biggest challenge! Good luck on your project! Blue skies!

What I did and it works for me...

I covered all the cabin interior with Reflectex material purchased at Lowes Aircraft Supply(10% discount for prior military service).  Material is like an aluminum bubble wrap...did a flame check and other than some smoke it seemed pretty resistant to fire.  Any way did all the inside of cockpit including side and top of baggage area - bottom and back were done from the inside fuselage side.  Also added a one piece carpet from the rear of the baggage compartment over the seats to the floor.  The floor I did with a plastic cell board - think cardboard - covered with carpet.  In the fuselage I added  extra L cross members made from soft aluminum - sourced from my local HVAC dealer.  The wings were done with the same material  as false ribs .

I am now going after the door locks - ala CH 750  - to insure closed and tight to reduce wind noise.  You can also see my retrofit door seals for the front of the doors on my Zenith site.


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