Tried to use my Ipad mini for the first time today in my 601. No good, to much sun, could not see a thing.

What are your suggestions for a good easy to use GPS for the 601 that I can see with sunlight streaming through my canopy?

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I bought a Bad Elf GPS for my Ipad Mini . I haven't had much luck, but then Yesterday was the first time I had it in the plane that I planed to use it. Once on the runway, I could not see anything on the screen. My panel space is limited so I hope the suction cup mount will work on my canopy with the Ifly

I received IFLY 740B GPS today. I found that the resolution is not all that clear until you zoom in close, and in the process cut down quite a bit of you viewing area. Also I could not get the street portion of it to allow me to insert addresses. I followed line for line on their online user manual, but to no avail. Could be I'm not doing  something right, in any case I have boxed it back up an am returning. 

Sure sounds like something's not right, but I'd give support a call first and make sure everything's configured correctly.


I called Ifly today and they walked me through the process. In my defense, they agreed that the directions were lacking and they were in the process of rewriting them. I agreed to keep the GPS and actually try it in the plane. They were very accommodating and courteous. I will give a full review after an actual 600 mile or so flight,, and the use of the streets app using it next week on my trip to Buzz Air in Lawrenceburg TN from MO.


I asked iFly about the touchscreen on the 740b and they said it still retains the sensitivity to inputs with gloves on. They also said the 740 at 1300+ nits will have slightly "warmer" color tones vs the 740b and posted a comparison picture of various tablets and iFly's under ideal, subdued lighting conditions.  You can clearly see how much brighter the 740b and 740 are.  It would be of more use, however, to do the same picture in direct sunlight!


The best “tablet” for the cockpit is a Nexus 7, no issue with visibility. It is android based. I had IPad mini and had to give it up. Couldn’t see a thing

Amazing!  Been using iPads since the first one out and never had an issue seeing.  Have a mini 3 now and all is well.  Can't compare to Nexus 7 as do not have one.  I wonder if the issue could be with sunglasses?  I have gradient tint down to no tint at the bottom.  I do know even my instruments are hard to see with sunglasses on.

I have to agree with Joe, been using an iPad mini 4 for a couple of years in my 601 and have no issues.

All I can say is I could not see anything in the bright sun with mine, but glad yours works well for you. I just flew five hours in Buzz Airs 601 and they have a Garmin 396 and with the sun at different angles I could barely see it either. I have the mini ipad and the IFLY 740b now, so in time I will see which one I like the best.

Having screen perpendicular to your line of sight has a big effect.  Also brightness is adjustable.  Just a couple of reasons you may have had issues.  Since you mention sun angle, the not perpendicular may have been your problem.

I thought it may be my glasses. I normally go through the VA, and I have had pretty good luck with them, except I do get some glare. Before Christmas we went to Walmart , had the eye check, and ordered new glasses with an anti glare coating.  Could not see anything clear, everything was fuzzy. Now were in the middle of trying to find out why The Walmart glasses don't work for me. I may end up with just two pair of reading glasses off the rack

I have read that since a glare from a plane is often first sighting that one should not have anti-glare coatings.  I have two pair.  One with transitions (light sensitive darkening) and anti-glare for daily use and another without anti-glare and the tinting is permanent and highest on top and none on bottom.  lets me have the tinting where needed but not inside cockpit.  Non-prescription sunglasses are available with that setup as well.


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