I purchased a viking motor and a steel bungee for my 750 Cruzer,but it seems they don't want to play well together. 

With the motor mount installed it is impossible to use the hardware provided to adjust the spring, or even get access to the hardware. Unless the nut is completely tight, it won't even clear the motor mount.

Has anyone seen this and how do you work around it? It is hard to believe that one company sells both and they don't work well together. There must be something I am missing.

I am about to abandon it and go to the real bungie cord.


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Looks like you can use a couple of 5/16-18 nylon lock nuts. This was standard until everyone wanted to safety wire the nuts.

Too long is better than too short. Trim and fit as needed. Alissa can send anything you need

Thanks, talked to her and she said she would send out replacement nuts.

I used a cutoff disk and trimmed both the rods down by the height of a bolt.

I got a stainless steel lock bolt from home depot with the correct size and thread and it looks good so far.

That got me far enough to install the Viking 130 onto the motor mount. 

Now my issue is 5 inches of clearance from the prop tip to pavement.

I may need a new gear leg from zenith if it stays like that when the wings are on.

I am about to abandon and go to the real bungie cord.

If Jan's suggestions don't work for you, rather than go back to a bungee, you might want to wait for a few weeks and consider Zenith's new rubber donut suspension system.  Roger says it should be available by the September Open Hangar Fly-In.  They've apparently been testing it for a year, so I suspect it will turn out to be a good system.

Of course, you've already invested in the steel bungee and hopefully Jan's suggestion will work for you, but supposedly the new Zenith suspension will be less expensive and lighter than the Viking system and more durable than the original Zenith bungee.



Thanks for the reply, but I can't wait till September, and I can't wait another week. Zenith's solution is more expensive and requires more modification than the Viking Solution for existing kit owners, and it's not shipping yet. You will need to either buy new landing gear, or cut and re-weld the existing one. Not something I want to do. The bungee will get me up on wheels for the time being and I can solve the nut problem later if it stalls me too long.

I have to keep moving on the build. Getting the landing gear installed  needs to be done before I can install the engine, etc. so I can't get stalled on one item that has a load of dependencies behind it, or the whole build gets stalled.


I have a cruzer and installed the Viking steel bungee. I use a standard AN nylon lock nut. Once adjusted, just add a second AN lock nut as a jam nut. Then you don’t have a clearance issue. Properly torqued, it won’t come loose.

You don’t need the tall nut or safety wire


Did you need to trim the length of the threads?

Did you need a stack of washers to get the right tension?




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