I can not make heads or tails from the plans on the side windows installation. Can anybody direct me to some photos and detail instruction. Thanks, Bill Phillips

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Since this is the Open Forum and not model-specific, it would be helpful if you would mention for which model of Zenith aircraft you need information.


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Hello John, I am building a ch 801. My profile should indicate the 801 model? Course, for most of the non specific details of the builds I suppose the 801, 701 And 750 have simuliar methods for making and mountings the side windows. Thanks, Bill

Yes, it is indicated in your profile, but when you post in the Open Forum and don't mention the model, that means the member reading your post/question has to go look in your profile to find which model you're asking about and may or may not want to bother with that.  It's much more likely that you'll get a response in the Open Forum by mentioning the model you're building - it only takes a second to give that information and avoids responses about other models which may or may not apply to your situation.  Of course, if you post in the 801 Forum, the reader automatically assumes you're talking about about an 801.  (However, do not double-post the same question in both the Open and type-specific forums - Zenith.aero does not allow double posting.  We ask that members think about their post and decided which forum will give them the best exposure and most likely generate a response and then place it in that one forum.)


I don’t remember much detail on the windows so (right or wrong) I fit them, drilled the holes in the Lexan with bits made for acrylic, put a small bead of clear 100% silicone between the side skin and lexan to seal and riveted them on with soft rivets,

Zenith sent the front windows too large and I had to fit & cut them (on my bandsaw) down to size.  So far no issues.  My pics  aren’t great so they may not help.34AC6FC0-31C6-449A-A922-EE5A27F4A2E4.jpeg22CAC390-DC69-48E7-9CD1-41D84149B261.jpegC3887D87-429E-4E3A-9550-7598F48D89FB.jpeg

This .was on a stol 75

I used butyl caulk tape to seal my windows and it worked great!  It's about the most user-friendly sealant there is as it is so easy to trim excess and it peels off cleanly if it has to be removed.  You can get this tape at supply stores for recreational vehicles and of course, through Amazon.  See this EAA Video:  https://www.eaa.org/videos/979235270001  (You have to be an EAA member and signed-in to view the video content.)


Surely there has to be a few more construction photos of “How to install side windows” (in a 801) out there in crazy Zenith airplane builder’s world?  Franklee with some help I’ll stop calling anyone Shirley. Best regards, Bill 

When I put in my 801 side windows, I recall the process as drilling the lexan to 1/8 (with special bits - which I’d be happy to lend if you don’t have some) then match drilling the skins for the window. Next oversizing the lexan (to accept a short clip of polytube as a bushing). I chose to fabricate a set of angles to accept my interior panels, which were then match drilled off the skins. Then sandwich lexan (with bushings placed in oversized holes) between skin and angles, and rivet through skin/ lexan w bushing/ and angles. I texted you what I’ve got for pics. Hope that helps.

Seems I recall Zenith supplied a "softer" or easier-to-pull aluminum rivet to install the Lexan side windows in my STOL 750.  It did not require oversized holes and bushings or any metal backing material to capture the rivet ... you could match-drill the window to the skin's holes and directly rivet. (I put butyl caulk tape between for a seal.)  7+ years and 600+ hrs later, no cracks in the Lexan around the rivets at all!  :>)

Totally off-topic but interesting - take a scrap of Lexan and put it in a vise and bend it 90 degrees with pliers - it'll bend, but it won't break!  Tough stuff!



Thanks fellows for the help and photos. I know how to install now.


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