Now that the FAA's Third Class Medical Reform has passed and the criteria have been expanded, any thoughts on how this might impact Zenith builds if the builder so chooses (e.g., EAB vs. the LSA limits)? Or how it might affect what your build?

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There is a medical review between you and the dr, but there is no pass / fail on the medical
Since I'm within the 10 year rule and my 601 was a AMD built SLSA with a O-200, its certified for night flight. So my cross country returns aren't in such a rush to get back in the daylight. I can fly at night again!

Ch750 needs to add a 3rd seat in back. I have been waiting for this to start building this aircraft...

We've actually been looking at that...

Here's a second vote for that as a retrofit. Myself, my wife, and then our one kid in the back. That would be lovely (at least for myself and the kid).

If future builders of, for example, a Zenith 650 could safely certify their aircraft for a higher gross weight than 1320 pounds then that would make the Zodiacs more useful. I wonder what Zenith would allow as max gross weight for their current kit production Zodiac 650s?

I'm thinking the same thing... I don't need it to handle an extra 400lbs - even an extra 50-100lbs would be wonderful for baggage, or a *ahem* full sized passenger... ;)


It's nirvana news for me! but seems like it might slow down the LSA market a lot although there are those who haven't had a medical in 10 years who want to fly and the LSA is still the best deal going for them.

Speaking as a CFI who likes to do Sport Pilot training, I think that the medical reform will have a negative impact on the S-LSA's.  I don't think it will have as much of a negative impact on EAB's.  The advantage of EAB's over GA aircraft is all about acquisition and maintenance costs - not medicals.

The problem with the S-LSA's is that it is an industry that targeted folks who can't get a medical.  The new law is not a "Driver's License" medical law.  Sport Pilot is still the only option for anyone who can not or will not get a 3rd Class medical at least one time.  There will still be a market for S-LSA's but not as many.  The problem with S-LSA's is that there are way too many manufacturers for such a small market.  The only real effect of this new law will be for folks who know they can't renew their medical and it will leave the door open for them to continue to fly. Because of this I think you will see less GA aircraft going on the market because owner's lost their medical.

Sport Pilot still has it's place.  My advice as a CFI:  If you can pass the medical at least once - go for it and get your Private Pilot.  If you can't get a medical - go Sport Pilot.  Remember that the Sport Pilot limitations are on the PILOT not the aircraft.  This law affects PILOTS not aircraft.

Well said.

What I would l love to be able to do is if i register EAB have weight limits that are outside LSA.  I am building the HDS and weight limit published on the web is 1200.  I know of people that have registered the HDS with a gross weight of 1300 and the XL at 1400.  if these numbers are safe it would be great to get the usable load increase.

It's great news for me.  I went on C-PAP and didn't want to go through the hoops for 3rd Class, esp since I'm building a Ch-650.  Why not just let medical lapse and fly light sport?  Well, now I have many more options.  I've had my medical 4 yrs ago.  Now - do I register the CH-650 as LS, or go for more gross (isn't it designed for 1,500 lbs?, not sure)? Also, can we go faster now?  Are larger engines a possibility, or is the structural design as-is the limiting factor for hp and speed?  I also believe the market will now open up for more plane designs of larger size, but that will increase complexity and time of build and cost.  Will it bring more aging pilots back into the air?  I hope so.  We have a great local ME who if you had any doubts about passing medical, would charge $25 for a private medical before FAA exam to go over all issues.  He would then tell you if it was wise to go for the FAA exam.  Once the official exam started, he had to report everything and go by the rules.  But before the official exam started, he could consult and pre-exam.  Well worth the optional extra $25 if you had any doubts.  I'll probably use him instead of regular MD for my every 4 yr exam.  My questions now, is when will this go into effect for me, and whether FBO's will rent and when?  I'd like to rent something like a C-172, but will have to wait for officially to go into effect.  We need that online course required every 2 years. 


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