I just purchased a Viking 90 and will be updating my panel at the same time as the engine installation.

What EMS you use or how do you monitor your Viking?  Does the ECU interface with the CANBUS on any of the EMS Systems?  

Looking at either the Viking EMS (But then how do I setup HOBBS meter?) or a MGL Xtreme EMS with either connection to Viking CANBUS if possible or a RDAC XF.

Any information on how you have setup your EMS is appreciated.  



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When I was building my STOL 750, I originally planned a simple "steam gauge" panel as it is a simple airplane and I was concerned about "head-down time" studying the rather busy graphic EFIS/EMS displays while flying "low and slow!"  However, when it got time to start ordering instruments, I realized that EFIS's and EMS's do much more for just a little more $$$ than buying new traditional instruments and gauges, and virtually all either flash prominent warnings or trigger a red "idiot light"  when a value is abnormal/outside of a set range.  So actually, one could keep their head and eyes out of the cockpit and a quick occasional glance at the panel will reassure you everything is OK.

I initially used a GRT EIS6000 to monitor my Jab 3300 and a MGL XTreme mini-EFIS for a flight display.  The GRT worked great but presented all the information as numeric digits (it did graph CHT's/EGT's but it was tiny, monochromatic, and near-useless when trying to display 6 cylinders!).  It did, however, trigger a red separately-mounted caution light if a value was abnormal and brought up the appropriate page automatically.

However, the GRT looked so dated alongside my EFIS that I eventually switched to a matching MGL XTreme EMS - color-coded bar graphs and digital read-outs and of course flashed prominent red cautions for abnormal values.  I've flown with this combo for 100's of hours and have been very pleased.  The MGL units tend to be very flexible and adaptable and sometimes can be a PITA to set up, but once set up, they seem to be "bulletproof" as far as reliable performance and durability.

Alternative displays that display numeric-only may take the brain a few moments to see and interpret, but if they flash when values are abnormal, that's probably good enough as the flashing or color change will direct you to what's important.  However, I like to have color-coded graphic displays such as bar graphs as a quick glance tells you not only if values are normal or not, but relatively where the values are in the normal range.  This is probably not as important when you only have to monitor one coolant temperature or pressure, etc., but very important for the 6 cylinder air-cooled engine where one commonly is looking at a spread of 6 EGT's and 6 CHT's!



I use the Viking View.  Also have the Viking Data Logger.  Using the Viking 130 engine.

The Hobbs is on it's own switch.  I include turning it on/off as part of my startup/shutdown checklists.

Patrick Hoyt


I have a Dynon HDX and have a EMS module that I needed for inputs for the flaps and trim and such anyway, so I used it to do all the engine and fuel monitoring as well. 

If I was using steam gauges I would have used the Viking view.

Thanks everyone for your replies.  I decided to go with the Viking View.  The price was right and it's plug in and go.




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