I am building a CH 650, and finishing up my left (first) wing.  I got to thinking about everything that goes into the left wing that does not go in the right.  Landing/taxi lights, mounting brackets, hardware, lens, and wiring; aileron trim hinge, servo, control rod, and wiring; Dynon pitot/AOA, Gretz mounting bracket, and tubing.  I just weighed all this and came up with 5 pounds.  Has anyone considered adding ballast to the right wing ?  Of course, 1 gallon less gas in the left tank would cover it.



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I had the same thought. And with my butt in the pilot seat, everthing is skewed to the left. I have not installed the landing lights yet (next step to complete). I may install them in the right wing ... maybe.
Adding weight to your a/c???? W/ 450 hours on my 601xl-b I never notice the few pound out of center until I burn off fuel. And even then it is not an issue. The more I read about guys over working issues like this makes me wonder. Keep it light and get r done. Building is good, flying is very good!
Jim, I agree with Mark Ertz, keep it light while building. The hard part is getting it done.

There are two versions of ballast, good and bad. Good ballast would be carrying a tool bag, oil and survival gear in the right wing locker. Bad ballast goes along for the ride and serves no other purpose.

During the Upgrade I added the AeroLED position lights to replace the standard system, it saves weight, but is it worth the extra $700? Not in my case, empty weight came out at 686 pounds with the Upgrade and LED's. I could have bought 175 gallons of gas, 30+ hours of flying.

Weigh the airplane and then figure out where you need some extra. I have a Jabiru and adding some extra weight FWF would be a good thing for the CG, I am currently within range. I'm adding useful weight FWF and plan on doing another W&B in the near future. My first W&B was just to get my Airworthiness. I recommend using Certified Scales.

Keep it simple, keep it light.
Thanks, Jake.

I agree with your points, which I guess I knew all along. Sometimes when I'm tired I started wondering why some things are the way they are. I know of no good reason why the aileron trim, pitot, and landing lights can't be in the right wing, but it seems like everything gets dumped in the left because "it has always been done that way". My conclusion right now is that you need to build one airplane to practice on and determine the best way to do things, then build your "real one". ;-) For instance, it would be a lot easier to drill all your grommet holes in the ribs BEFORE assembly, but ...

Thanks guys for putting with an old man's ramblings.

Putting up with? Heck no. Every discussion like this one is great for all us newbies who are feeling our way forward. I hope most would agree that in an endeavor like this, where you will be trusting your own and maybe someone else's life to a flying machine you built with your own hands and brain, that any question or "rambling" is welcome.
It seems just about every builder on this site that has mentioned one heavy wing has had the left wing heavy or should I say a left tilting aircraft when in flight. Just an observation.
my left side wieghed 7 pounds more than my right... not a problem o.. Just pay close attention to setting washout when mounting the wings and to the flaps and ailerons during rigging. thats were i had trouble.... Greg


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