Installing a UL350is in a Cruzer and am pondering a header tank. There seems to be a lot of good reasons to have one a only a few not to. The possibility of voiding a fuel line during uncoordinated flight is not a worry with a header tank. A duplex fuel valve is not required. A header tank adds a bit to the expense and has a couple of gallons of fuel in the fuselage.

I would appreciate hearing from anybody with some experience and advice with this method.

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Sorry, we're using the Viking 2.5 gallon header tank with two installed fuel pumps.  Also has a low point sample/drain on the bottom of the header tank.

Ken - you seem to be smart on this header tank issue, and I honestly am not.  Not at all.  I've already riveted my two 750 tanks in, and I have the two aft fuel lines in place, and I have a standard 912 ULS, and NOT fuel injected, and my tech counselor is telling me I need a header tank - for many of the reasons you list above.  It all makes sense, but I'm clueless as to what to do next.  I have no idea what to buy, where to mount it, how to install it or anything.  Would you mind if I gave you a call?  If you have a problem with listing your number here,  I can put mine, so you could call at your convenience.  I'm on Central time, and 334-717-6873.  I promise not to take much of your time, I just hope to get some idea of how to move forward.  Or if there's anyone else smart on header tank ideas/installation for Rotax ULS 912 gravity feed, I would welcome a call as well.  I'm stuck!  I have seen the homebuilt videos.  Thanks,

Bert Sparrow

Hi Bert,  I too am not real smart on header tanks.  However, I can not for the life of me see any significant advantage of having a header tank for a high wing, gravity fed, carbureted engine.  And surely not for the extra work expense and additional parts to fail. IMHO

Perhaps someone will enlighten me!  :-)

Pleasure talking to you Bert. Email is on the way. --Ken


I also built and fly a CH 750. It is the first addition completed in 2011, Rotax 912ULS; about 400 hr. The plane has no header tank, only one fuel supply from each tank, per plans. I fly the plane in all kinds of attitudes, steep turns, descents ,slips, etc, without any engine problems at all. I would leave it out, save $ , save weight, save space, and safer with out extra fuel connections and fuel close by. My two cents worth.


Jan 14, I Test flew one hour on my Vicking header tank. It performed excellent. It is really nice to know that you can run your main tanks empty and you still have 2.5 gallons available. The CG changed just a little but it flys great. The fuel pumps delivered 47.5 psi to to 7500. I never trusted my original fuel gauges but now I can know for sure when the mains are empty. I still need to do some more testing when the weather breaks and upload some pics.i believe my unusable fuel is down to less than 2 gallons total.

What engine?  

I see you have a UL 350 IS, that's nice.  

Has anyone here used the UL Power's own header tank?

I installed a header tank on my 750 for peace of mind from early post of people porting there fuel pick on steep long decent as the only pick up is at the back of the tank after a long flight with marginal fuel.

Been really happy that I did .

How do you have both a steep and long descent?

Just how high were these folks flying.  :-)

Check out fuel flow in steep decent in search engine this I what made me do it as I did want that fan to stop .

It is only applies when getting low on fuel after a long flight.


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