2015 Zenith 601XL/B

Airworthiness and first flight in May, 2015.  100hrs TTAF & Engine Since New.  Powered by a top of the line 120hp 3 Liter William Wynne style Corvair conversion by Roy Szarafinski of Roy's Garage.  1k+ fpm climb, 130mph flat out sea level. 5-7gph with 2x12 gal wing tanks (22gal useable).  Viking Steel Bungee.  Avionics include Flightline 760 transceiver, Sandia STX165 transponder, iLevil AW for GPS, ads-b in, AHRS and pitot-static airspeed all fed to the tablet of your choice.  Backup mechanical airspeed and altimeter.   Engine monitoring with 6 egt's and 2 cht probes.  LSA qualified with 500lb useful load.   I finished this in May, and have flown the pants off of it since then.  Would take it anywhere without worries.  It's time for a new project, however.  Asking $30,000, or would trade for something faster or with 4 seats....  
Took my daughter up to 8k MSL this afternoon.  Could see almost all of Delaware and lower New Jersey.  

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Bump with additional info:

The engine was built under the supervision of Roy Szarafinski (of Roy's Garage fame).  He is widely known for having one of the most precise 5th bearing install procedures and meticulous build processes, and I can attest to the precision that went into prepping this engine as I looked over his shoulder.   The result is an engine that has zero cooling issues and puts out substantially more horsepower than the stock corvair conversion.  Oil usage has been about a quart every 20 hours or so.   Has a 66" Warp drive ground adjustable prop per WW recommendations.  Currently set at 9.5% pitch.  Flew it yesterday (2/1/16) at gross weight and saw 130mph indicated at full throttle (3200rpm), 1500ft msl, 59 deg f.   Saturday's cross country flight was 2 hrs at 2850rpm yielding an average airspeed of 100-110mph, burnt exactly 6gph.    
Nitrided and magnafluxed crank
OT-10 cam
Roy 5th Bearing
Forged + dished Pistons
SPA Rear Alternator
MA3-SPA carb
HD Aircraft Oil Cooler
 It's quite comfortable, even for relatively large people (I'm 6', 220lbs, and have flown in it side by side with a friend who's 6' 4" and a little heavier.  We had plenty of elbow room.  Ironically, sitting on a flotation cushion actually helped him with leg room because the seat angle put him higher and slightly back.  I specifically built the canopy on this one with taller people in mind, and custom ordered the tinted canopy from Todd's canopies.  With two people, the CG is close to perfect and very little trim is needed for straight and level flight.
Plane has been polished up to step two using Brightwork polish.  If I keep it longer, I'll keep going as long as I have the hanger available to me (the house is up for sale).   I have not, however, polished the underside of the wings and fuselage as I have intended to paint them.  
I had a bungee break at 17 hours, and replaced it with the Viking designed steel spring system.  No more bungees to break and rudder control/ground steering is far superior.
The interior is soon to be upgraded with the Zenith monogrammed upholstery kit.  The seats currently in it are comfortable, but I really like the look of the full interior with side panels and center console cover, and they had a sale on the package last month...  so it all should be here soon.  
If you have any specific questions, please ask. 
search youtube for N601DR for video's of various flights and tests. 
I don't particularly want to sell it, but I've got the itch to build again.   Would take it anywhere without worries (in fact, I'm planning on taking it to South Carolina at the beginning of March for a conference.)
Asking $30k, but will consider reasonable offers or trades (Something aerobatic or having 4 seats). 


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