I am thinking of putting a Dynon EFIS in my 701. My question was whether I need to put in a static system or does it work fine just leaving the static port open to the cockpit environment. Thanks, Joey

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I would say that all systems need a static port to have any kind of accuracy. An open port inside a cockpit weather open of inclosed can give a false pressure reading. I was test flying an Avid that had the static port just open to the backside of the panel and no doors on the plane.  I could change the airspeed and altitude (20moh and 75ft up or down) just by moving the rudder peddles back and forth.  That was fixed by putting in a static port on each side of the rear fuselage.

Just my 2 1/2 cents,  you can go any way you want with it. That's the beauty of this sport.


I have a 701 with the Dynon FD 180 system.  I dutifully put static ports in the left and right side of the boot cowl about half way back from the junction of the engine cowl and the door.

I did not have very good success as the system was in error so I just unhooked the static line and it goes to ambient pressure in the cabin.  This has been the best setup for me - your mileage may vary - I intend to move the ports to the rear of the fuselage some time after I get a lot of feed back in where they should actually go. Just not very high on my GAS list at present.

Still Grinnin!!


Phil Smith

Ch 701 

Buhl, ID

Usually no good to have the static set up inside. Simply opening a vent can cause lots of pressure reading issues.  Take a look at the "SafeAir" Pitot/Static set up. 

About 100$ will give you a complete pitot/static system except the pitot tube (includes the lines, connectors, static vents, etc) and is the slickest system I've ever seen.  They comes with "plugs" so you can drill right through a bulkhead, insert the plug and slide the tube in.   There connectors are also pure genius.


I have a D6 with the static port open in the cockpit. With the doors installed it works great, altitude is within 20 feet of my GPS and the speed reading is good. I tried to fly once without the doors and it did not worked, speed oscillated +- 20 MPH and altitude had similar problem. 



I've run several with the static in the cockpit including my 701. It may or not work well, it just depends on the particular plane and install. The one in my 701 is very close and isn't affected by vents open etc. The GRT Mini B in another plane here has the static in the cockpit and is close. What I've had good success with is take a plastic pipe thread plug and drill a small hole in the top of it. Screw it in the port and go compare it to the no wind low altitude gps speeds. It's free and easy, if you don't like it then you can go to whatever you wanta do next.

Thanks for the replies. I am going to start a discussion under 701s


To avoid duplication and confusion, I'm going to close this discussion to further replies as you have moved the thread to the 701 forum and it can be accessed here.


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