Have started playing with Viking's data logging tool.  There's a LOT of data that it picks up. 

Here's a quick example (below) showing a few parameters from yesterday's test flight.  I'm just learning, and have a long ways to go, but it's a lot of fun...

Have also been experimenting with using old smartphones for in-flight data acquistion.

Patrick Hoyt


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I configured the data logger (https://youtu.be/vC186fD236w), connected the DB9 plug from the engine’s ECU harness, and then test ran the engine.  The green light was on during the test run, so it's getting power, but it did not flash as the instructions said it would (http://www.sxtune.co.uk/deltalog.html).  I plugged the SD card into my computer and it shows up as an empty drive.  It's not logging data, and I’m not sure why. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sure, Sam - I'll give you a call this evening after work. In the meantime, here's some notes on how I set mine up, and where you can get some more info.

Hardware: https://www.scs-delta.co.uk/product-page/copy-of-can-usb-interface
Software: https://www.scs-delta.co.uk/software
Documentation: http://www.sxtune.co.uk/deltalog.html

During the installation of the software on my PC, I chose "DeltaGDI4" out of the list, which was the default. The only other one that looked like it could be applicable was "TornadoGDI", which I did not chose.

Also, on my machine a "Microchip Technology Inc" driver gets installed. I'm running Windows 10.

Patrick Hoyt

Hi Patrick and/or Samuel,

 Do you still enjoy working with the data logging?  I've been toying around with the idea again, especially the idea of funneling the can bus data into the grt efis.

 Thanks - Jim

Hi Jim - sorry for the late reply. 

My data logger quit working a while back, so I've not been able to explore this further.  I turned it back in to Viking to see if they had any ideas. 

I too am looking at the GRT for logging on my next project (750 Cruzer with a Viking 130).  My need for instrumentation is still a solid 2+ years out, so I'm hoping to benefit from some technological evolution between now and then.  If I could simply log TAS, Fuel Flow, and RPM all in the same log, I could do a lot with that, and anything else would be icing on the cake...

One thing that I'm looking at is using the GRT EIS-4000 (admittedly a dated device) to feed engine data to an iPad via the iLevil AutoPilot.  Couple things right off the bat that are concerns is (1) the iLevil app only DISPLAYS engine data, it does not LOG it like it does with the rest of the flight data (Ananda told me it's a hardware limitation, and the vibe I got was that it's not something that's likely to ever be fixed); and (2) my experience with iPads in the air has been less than satisfactory, but the iLevel AP requires the iPad so I'm kinda stuck there.

I suppose I could bite the bullet and go with full Dynon, but that's bulky and pricy, and I'd still want the iLevel AutoPilot anyway.

Am logging data via an EI CRG-30P on my other (certificated) airplane, with mixed feelings about that.  We in the experimental world can do so much better...

Patrick Hoyt



Thanks Patrick,

 Glenn messaged me some of that info and his thoughts too,  It's unfortunate the data logger isn't more robust.

 GRT does have a can bus adapter but it's not tailored to the Viking/Honda.  Maybe if enough of us showed interest they'd put some development time into it?

  I'm back to just "Viking View does everything I need" - sometimes just want more colors on the screen though LOL.

 - Jim


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