After doing a bit of research, I'd like to use Cortec on the mating surfaces of my airplane where necessary.  My STOL 750 will eventually be on floats, so I'd like the peace of mind that this will provide and I really like the low VOCs and having it dry clear.

Problem is, I can't seem to find where to purchase small quantities.  I've been having an e-mail discussion with the Canadian distributor who tells me the smallest quantity they will sell is a 5 gallon pail.... at $100/gallon!

Apparently you can order smaller quantities in the States under the Bull Frog namebrand?  Anyone have any experience with finding smaller quantities?

I emailed the Zenair office in Canada based on a previous forum message that they sell it, but I'm told that isn't the case and that they only sell Zinc Chromate.

Any help/input most welcome!


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Hi Jason, I purchased mine from Zenith's Mexico Missouri location. I think it was the quart size.

We used Cortec everywhere the pieces rivet or bolt together, and love that you can work with it in a confined space without ventilation concerns. 

Where did you purchase yours?

Jason, I was lucky to befriend a Cortec distributer who was kind enough to supply me sample packs.  Hopefully a distributer will send you sample packs as well.  Otherwise, I believe Zenith is your best source for smaller amounts.  We used about 6 pints total.  By the way, before closing we used zinc phosphate on all large and inaccessible areas such as inside wings, under seats, aft fuselage, etc.

That's a top reason I want to use Cortec... the lack of fumes.

The problem I'm having is finding small quantities here in Canada. The Canadian distributor only sells in 5 gallon pails at $100 a gallon.

I placed an inquiry with Zenair in terms States and they sell it by the quart but the shipping is astronomical.

Anyone coming back to Canada after the factory open house who'd be willing to bring me some back? LOL

According to my POC at Cortec said "Since there seems to be a consortium of builders up there, I would think that someone could buy the 5 gallons and split it amongst the enthusiasts."  

Well, this what Zenith is doing by providing cortex by the quart.  Also, I do not believe Zenith profits by selling cortex, as they are not a distributer and don't advertise it; they likely just charge enough to recover their expenses. 

I intend to approach our local EAA chapter and aircraft supply store to see if they're interested in doing the same as Zenith.

If I was you, I'd still fill out the sample request form for both the Cortex 373 clear and 373 green, and see what happens. 

Hi Jason,
Cortec is simply latex rubber in its natural form. To keep is flowing just add a little ammonia water. Once it dries on metal surfaces it polymerises making it an excellent corrosion inhibitor. You can buy crude latex instead of the cortex product since that is all that it is.

PhD in organic chemistry and fellow builder


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