What are you all using to lock your controls when you fly away from home and tie your plane down outside.

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I have used a ratchet strap hooked over a rudder pedal, around the stick and down to the rudder pedal on the other side.  


Left side shoulder harness.

I use the seat belts , with the rudder hooked to the nose wheel, it has never moved ...BOB

I bought a pretty nifty control lock for my 601xl off eBay. I forgot the name of the outfit, but if you do a search on eBay for aircraft control lock it comes up. Paid $50, its anodized aluminum, very light weight. Once you see it you probably could make it for about $10.00 in parts from Home Depot.

Dave, is this the ebay vendor you bought your control lock from?

CL200 Control Lock for Van's RV and other aircraft



That's the one.

Almost like Daves setup, just use a bungee cord hooked on the left and right rudder pedal, then placed over the Y stick.

Works well, is super simple.



I noticed that there are two different sizes for the control locks.

Which one did you choose?

I have a 601XLB


Send the company an email
I don't have access to it right now. Mine was the first 601 they did and I supplied them with the measurements. They will know which model. It's pretty generic and the rv12 would probably work too.

I sent him a message through ebay asking which to order, and he said to take the dimensions from the two drawings to the airplane and see which one works best on the 601XL. He claims the reason the Zodiac isn't listed for either size is that when they were creating the lists, no Zodiacs were available for him to measure.

I made some cardboard templates using the dimensions on the drawings, and plan to take them to the hangar this weekend to see which one fits best. I'll post the results and photos here.

EDIT: Here's his reply:


Thanks for your inquiry. There are only two sizes of Control Locks. Because Zodiac aircraft is not listed by name, that simply means that there was not a Zodiac aircraft available locally when the locks were being designed. I encourage you to review the drawings (the last image in the group of photos of each Control Lock) and determine which lock will work with your aircraft. These measurements depict the actual installation points for the listed aircraft. The spread between the two connection points can be adjusted inward or outward slightly, if necessary to lock the stick in the proper neutral position. Or, you may find that one of the two locks will work, as is, for your airplane. Please let me know.


I measured the dimension from the center of the control stick grip to the centerline of the control panel bottom flange, and with the elevator in the neutral position (in line with the horizontal stabilizer) it's 8".

That dimension on the long control lock is 9-3/4" and on the short control lock it's 6-3/4", so neither would be an ideal fit for the CH601XL. With the long control lock, the stick is pressing into the seat cushion and the elevator is way up. With the short control lock, the elevator is down.

I'll contact Frank, the seller, and ask if he can supply an 8" control lock. If he can't, I'll probably just continue to use the seatbelt.

When you install the control lock as you drill the holes you can vary the spacing and it moves the stick in and out. So you can adjust where you want the stick to end up.


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