I have seen several photos and videos of 701's with an A-65 engine.  I am getting near completion on my 701 and have access to an A-65 with two hours SMOH.  Does anyone have knowledge of what sort of performance this combination would have? Also, any ideas for a motor mount?  Any info would help.  Thanks.

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I don't have any direct knowledge of this combination but there have been a lot of good, successful airplanes that have flown behind this engine.  It wouldn't win any STOL contests, but it will get you in the air.  Depends on your expectations and if its a good deal.

Hi Gary,

       Thanks for your note. Aside from getting a great deal on the engine, I am a bit older than most on here, so my "need for speed" has diminished over the years.  Low and slow will be just fine. Thanks again.


Henry it's your choice. I was flying behind a Jab 2200 (80 hp) I wasn't happy. The 701 is a draggy slow aircraft. not known for speed. Your age has nothing to do with it. put a 912uls and enjoy true low and slow flight. The extra hp will be useful when the ground sneaks up on  you when going a little to slow. I took a ride in a 701 with a 582. I will never do that again. with the extra hp you will be able to give a grandchild or friend a ride and never have to worry that the engine will get you off the ground.

I built with the Jabiru 2200 on a Rev-4 CH701 and while it is satisfactory for my needs it is no better than the Rotax 532 power that I once had a ride in.

Previously I flew a Cessna 150 with the O-200 which I could have used for the 701, the main disadvantage is the weight which is around 220 lbs if you include electric starter, so if your 701 is the later plans for 1100 lbs you could manage that installation (there is the extra vibration to consider, early 701 had more fragile H.Stab brackets and had to be beefed up for the Rotax 100 hp)
Unlike the Jabiru, which makes power at 3300 rpm, the -65 , -75, -85 Continentals can swing a larger prop so despite the lower hp rating you will probably do similar to a J2200 or Rotax 582.
Having spent 12 years with a Continental I'm inclined to prefer that setup. Carbs and ignition with well known track record is a factor.

A lot of  701’s with a heavy engine folds their front gear. It’s not designed for that much weight up front. That leads to a prop strike, cowling damage, new prop,new engine,  new firewall...is it worth it?

Well Henry, I have about 250 hrs on my 701 with a Continental C85 12, it flys great,no issues with CG. 670lbs. I think the A65 would be a little low on HP though. Zenith does have a mount for a continental engine, I bought one, then modified it. I run a 68” 3 blade warp drive prop. Check out my Zenith page or you tube page for my flying videos. BTW I flew from Washington state to Oshkosh this summer in my plane 55 hrs 3700 miles. Do your homework and don’t believe all the myths that continentals are too heavy.
You tube page https://www.youtube.com/user/dlorr701
If you have questions give me a call

Hello Henry,

Here is a talk from first hand flyer of a CH-701 with A-65. Very stock with a exception of 'NO SLATS'. This gave me additional 6-8 mph cruise without affecting any other flight phase performance. (Yes, it does't do the 'hanging by the prop' show off but performance overall is quite satisfactory). I do have a second 701 with Rotax 912 UL so the comparison is very practical and first hand. here is a recent video of formation take off:


Performance: Cruise all day at 80MPH @ 2100RPM burning 3.5 GPH. Dual climb is about 700 fpm @65MPH and solo I can do over 1000 fpm. Will not climb like a typical STOL 701 but do climb much better than a Cessna 150/152.

No offence to anyone but I have to disagree with some of the comments. The total weight difference of 912 with all fluids and accessories is about 22lbs less than a A-65. When Zenith used to sell mounts for this engine and provide support then how can we say that the plane was not designed for this powerplant? On the other comment, I have seen multiple nose collapses on 701 ( and other planes) with rotax and even BMW engine and I don't think the blame is on design or weight of the engine in those cases.

Keeping in mind that I do have an aircraft with 912 (so no bias), I would prefer flying behind a continental any day because of their simplicity, ease of maintenance, availability of parts, proven and rugged technology and technical experience available.

Hope this helps you make a educated decision. 

If you have questions give me a call @ 1-647-887-4284

PS: I just picked up a CH-601HD project and am considering putting a O-200 in it.


Thank you for your honesty and actual "hands on" comparison. Many people use their experience off what they read online.

Just weighed my 0200 that i initially put in my 701 yrs. ago. 270 lbs true weight with prop,oil,and engine mount. Light weight starter and alternator. Way to heavy. Added 18 lbs in tail to get in cg.performance was great but left nothing for passenger.

Contact Ivan Martinez

  • Sugar Land, TX

He is pretty close to you and flies a 701 with a c90. 

just removed a65 for 0200...my field is at 2000'.above sea level..on a cool morning 45 deg. it did OK not anywhere close to STOL but once off the ground it did great..I knew  the 65 was interim till a bigger engine came along..0200 came sooner than later and is full on STOL..I do think the 65 would not be safe for my runway on a hot day, but it was fun to fly till something bigger came my way...used a mount from a champ when replace with 0200 spacers on the mount...very pleased with the 0200 but beware the extra weight on the nose and do some approaches with no power because it drops fast and you have to understand the affect of the slates with no power hard to explain but a real eye opener,,be safe and have fun


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