Hi all

I am considering the purchase of an Aerospace Logic Inc CT206 to monitor all 6 cht's on my Jab in my Zodiac. Is there anyone out there using one with any type of engine that might be able to comment on the product?http://www.aerospacelogic.com/store/index.php?dispatch=products.vie...


I can't think of any reason why this instrument would be less than perfect being TSO'd, but software based systems of any kind can have gremlins. So even if you have only seen one in someone elses plane, please comment.





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I have no experiance with this particular unit, however I have used the Electronics International and J.P.I. engine monitors. You really need an engine monitor that has CHT's and EGT's. Having EGT's only will tell you what cylinder peaks first and that will help you with adjusting the carb mixture, but EGT indication will not tell you if you have cylinders that are running too hot or have mechanical malfunctions such as burnt or stuck exhaust valves, CHT indication will. If you cannot afford a six place CHT and EGT monitor, then I would reccomend getting a single place EGT to help fine tune the mixture, and a six place CHT to monitor the cooling and condition of the cylinders.
Pretty sure that this *IS* a CHT monitor, not EGT.
Phil, have you had a look at MGL products?
Good pricing and my units have been faultless.
WOW.....I must have read it wrong.....it was late....but you still want to have both CHT and EGT.
Hi Guys
I should have mentioned that at present my panel has 1 x CHT and 1 x EGT gauge already rigged. As I have installed a fence type cooling baffle system in place of the fibreglass ram air ducts, I and many others thought it necessary to monitor all cht's. The EGT gauge will remain and the plan was to remove the cht gauge, slightly enlargen the hole and install the above CT206. The MGL 12 channel cht&egt combo would have been my first choice if I had the room to mount it into the panel, but I do not. Originally I just wanted to use analogue gauges and I still love them especially for primary flight instruments, but most of my friends are using glass panel for both flight and engine parameters and the rewards are obvious. Unfortunately I past the point of no return with my panel but the CT206 should be able to slip in without to much drama

Uh oh, looks like you will also have to get the EGT as well:)
Hope santa comes this year
Dear Phil, I have an engine istrument that measures all 8 cylinders for CHT, it gives me the current CHT of each cylinder and also shows a colored bar graph at the same time. Regarding the EGT that is another valuable tool for checking fuel burn balance I have a seperate instrument for that and the probs are located 110mm down the exhaust tube, I have two carbys so I need to be sure they are balanced. Mine is an IK Technologies which was set up for my 8 cyl jabiru. The unit can be configured to give you a 6 cyl CHT and EGT if that is what you want, Ralph will work with you if you choose to use his product.


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