Zenith CH701 for sale at $39,000. I completed the build in 2013 and completed phase I flight testing10/16/2015. It took me about 7 years to build the plane and I have a parts list that shows a little over $53,000 for parts (no labor costs). I did all of the construction on this aircraft. I also did all of the test flying. The Special Airworthiness Certificate for this aircraft is under EA/B rules however, the plane can be flown under sport light regulations. The plane and engine have 41.4 hours.

The last time the plane was inspected/certified for flight was 4/04/2016 (expired 2017). Unfortunately, that is also when it was last flown due to health problems. I hesitate to sell the plane, but considering how things are going for me, health wise, I needed to make the best decision for the plane and let it go. It has been sitting to long now. However, it is in dry surroundings and has always been in a hanger. The plane is located at Chiloquin, OR (2S7) which is on the East side of the Oregon Cascade mountains. I determined the sale price by using the cost of parts less what engine repair might cost, if needed. These “sky jeeps” are great STOL aircraft.

The plane is powered with a Rotax 912ULS engine. This VFR aircraft has a Dynon Skyview 10” screen with synthetic vision which is the primary instrumentation for flight. There are 4 fuel tanks (40 gallons) in the wings, which can be individually selected. The lighting is all LED with a flashing mode available for the landing lights. The folding wing option is installed. When the build was completed and weight/balance completed, the empty weight came in just under 600 pounds (which leaves about 500 pounds useful load). If you are in a position to buy and think you might be interested, give me a call at 503.510.6372 and we can discuss the plane and any concerns you may have.

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Sorry to hear that you forced to sell you airplane. I am not in the market, but this aircraft seems like a pretty good deal. Terry, you mention price drop in case something needs to be done with the engine. If you are saying that because it has been sitting so long, I would not consider that to be very much, if any, risk. It is a Rotax 912ULS and in my experience, they are not like other engines. They can sit for long periods of time without much problem. The reasons are many but the big reason is that the crankcase has no direct venting. The venting is done through the dry sump oil reservoir and as long as the oil reservoir has oil in it, it will act like a P-trap which prevents outside atmosphere (ie moisture) from being a problem in the crankcase. This protects the crankshaft, camshaft, bearings, etc. You will rarely find any corrosion in a 912. The only outside atmosphere interface is through the intake and exhaust but there is rarely any negative result from that area due to the cylinders being aluminum which is coated Nikasil which is very resistant to corrosion. Also the pistons are very close tolerance to the cylinders so very little will get by the pistons and rings to the crankcase.

If I was buying it, I would look at the condition of the external rubber components and look to see if they are cracked and/or hard. Also the carb floats could be a problem so they should be inspected. Still, all this would be not all that expensive to deal with. Seems like a pretty good buy to me.

Good luck,



Thanks for the reply and the information.  I know these engines are pretty bulletproof and I had not considered the venting through the oil.  The engine has also only used premium auto fuel with no ethanol.  I am also of the opinion that the type of oil used in the 912 is more resistant to moisture that aviation oils.  The oil was changed just prior to the beginning of the down period the plane has experienced and analysis of that changed out oil showed no problems. 

Again, I appreciate you taking the time to share information about the engine.  Looks like you have a pretty nice plane and I hope you have some great flying in it.



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