Purchased a few days ago my first 750 and didn't realized that there was a lot of Zenith planes in the USA. This is a new experience with this plane.

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Yep, and congratulations! Going to be quite a bit more as more are finishing up the 750s and are building the Cruzers. At my airport, Corona CA AJO, there are four 750s that are being finished up by separate builders, with two flying in about 4-8 weeks, one in about 4 months, and the other just starting. (Ted Taylor's, he sold his low wing, going to be used as a coffee table at Starbucks) Not to mention two more being finished in about 3 months that are based within 40 miles. 

Lots of STOL and Backcountry sites to take advantage of, and I'd highly recommend being part of the RAF if backcountry flying is your thing. In the near future there's going to a lot of backcountry stuff being posted, and more 750 pilots staying in contact and flying together to some of these sites. 

These things are flying jeeps, potential is unlimited. Last weekend  some of us jeeped up to an abandoned USFS strip to check it out for 750 and backcountry flyers, and imagine these jeeps below with wings, adding 3D to capability, and doing it with your buds, that's what you have in the Zenith STOLS. 

Walt Snyder

Old USFS strip, 7,900 elevation

Welcome to the forum.  Lots of info and experience here.

Blue skies


Thanks Tim for the warm welcome. The plane is new to me and with all the experience on the forum, I might to able to solved a problem with y'all's help without using the SWAG Technique.

And, lest you think that these are mainly for backcountry strips. I'm waiting for Christopher Brown to finish his so we can fly to the paved runway of Catalina Island, which you can see at the top. This was about 2 weeks ago from a cough, cough, low wing. We're waiting for another 750 pilot to say let's go land there for a Buffalo burger and hit the deck around the island and the harbor. This is Two Harbors, much smaller than Avalon.

Point is, these can do everything you want, and in comfort, just not at 120 kts. You'll meet the greatest people doing what this does best.

Walt Snyder

Hello Walt

Great pictures....

Been flying a 172 for awhile and decided to try the 750 for STOL capabilities. Found this plane in Huichihuayan, Mexico. Sent a ferry pilot to pick it up and delivered it last Sunday. I put in my hanger and I'm hopefully be able to fly it for the first time in a couple weeks.

I'm just glad that I'm not the only one with a zenith plane. I don't know that there was so many around.

Thanks for reply


There's a surprising amount out flying now, there seems to be pockets, John Austin in Tennessee is in the middle of a bunch of builders, Bob Wood in Oregon the same, and pockets in the east and other areas. I'll be heading thru Arkansas in January, I'll stay in touch, my families farm is in Tennessee, I'm in CA, let us know when you head west.

Walt Snyder

Christopher Browns 750 at my strip at the desert cabin

My strip from the west. You can see planes in the tie down area. Chris was in the Preferred Parking area. 

Sure Walt....we'll keep in touch

Yes, congratulations! I purchased mine too, over three years ago from the builder's widow. To put it politely, it sure has been a learning experience (to put it somewhat less politely, it has been at the center of a lot of soap operas, but this forum has been a huge help, as have many 701 and 750 pilots who have graciously let me fly their planes to qualify for insurance and helped in so many other ways--this alone has been worth the expense--the friendships are priceless), as it is not only my first plane, I had hung up my headsets in the early nineties, and have only a few hours in the 750. But now, with a fresh BFR, I'm finally ready to practice, practice, practice before I try anything too backcountryish, but I'm eager to do so. During my BFR, we managed a <400' lift-off at gross (DA about 1,000'); now I'm gonna sneak up on shorter and shorter landings as I get by sky-legs.

Walt, is Browns' 750 sans slats? I took mine off, but had to put them back on to get my BFR as the instructor wouldn't fly it because it hadn't been certified in that configuration. I figure I'll fly it with slats for a while so I can check out the difference more carefully in the two configurations. (As I had to put the slats back on alone, I worked out a neat way to do it on the second wing--the first method was kinda iffy, but going into the details would be thread creep, and as pore ol' John knows, I'm a creepy guy. Anyhow, I'll be real interested in Browns' plane, as it looks a lot like mine with no paint, but my cowl is uglier.


This was his first plane, he flew it with and without

I'd like to know how the performance differed.


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