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Get the best tools you can afford, and don't scrimp on your drill.
Your drill will get more hours of use than any other tool on your bench. Get a good one. The $30 HF or off the back of a guys truck will slow you down at best, and shut you down at worst. Aircraft quality drills pay off in more ways than just reliability. they use less air, are quieter, produce less vibration and therefore less fatigue.
I started out building with a cheap pneumatic I used in machine tool fabrication. It seemed to be making holes just fine.
I later needed to get some angle drills, found used professional grade tools on eBay at a decent price. The difference in used AC quality tools and my shop floor drilll prompted me to buy an new 3K rpm drill from ACS in Florida. The ACS drill makes an amazing difference. Hard to put into words, until you spend a whole day drilling with one. The knurled chuck needs no key.
You can accumulate a decent set of the 1/4 20 base AC drills (for the angle drills) from eBay too. I found about 40% serviceable bits from several different sellers, after I did some sorting and cleaning.
Is anyone out there interested in full sets of flanging dies? A machinist freind of mine is making me a set and said he could make more if there is an intrest....they are machined from 6061 billet stock and bolt together so you dont have to beat your flange in. I have modified the dimensions to inches so hole saws can be used if wanted

Hi Lee,


I am about to start scratch building a 650.

How much will they cost, rough idea on weight so I calculate postage to Australia.... How many and what sizes are in the set..


Regards Keith

I should know something by this afternoon as far as price the material just came in yesterday...There are four in a complete set 2" 2.5" 3.75" and 4.5" 


I know this is common to a lot of people but for scratch building it is a huge time saver! Any part that requires 4 or more pieces i cut a plywood template and router the peices out...Bosch pt# 85285MC Is a very inexpensive cutter that does a great job on material up to .063....any thicker i use Bosch pt# 85268MC

A standard 6-flute deburring bit with a 1/4 x 28 thread will snugly fit insite a female hex socket. You can either JB Weld the bit directly into an inexpensive power screwdriver OR (to keep from having to toss the screwrdriver when the bit gets dull!) if you can find a "hex bit extension" (commonly included with inexpensive tool sets like you buy at Sam's club), you can epoxy the bit into the extension and be able to remove it from the driver and use the driver for other things.! I happened to have 2 or 3 of the hex bit extensions, so I figure when the bit gets dull, I can just make up another one with a new extension and a new bit.


Works great and no wobble!




John This is an excellent way to debur. I wrapped some tape around the theads on the deburring bit and crammed it into the hex of a Black and Decker Srew driver it's been working well.


Anyone have plans for a Zenith Cruzer nose wheel puller so I don't have to buy one from Zenith.

Dr. Terry Hall

Wood skewers - Typical kitchen wood skewers are slightly smaller than the typical cleco. They are great for a quick fit up, and or to align holes when you dont need to cleco.

I have found a bunch of other uses for these including applying small amounts of sealant or lubricants,  wrapping duct tape on the end with sticky side out to pick up screws or nuts that fall into unreachable places, mixing epoxy, etc..

I seem to frequently find now uses for these in the hangar.


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