Going out for my second sortie and while in the climb with full power I got that hot oil smell and a bit of mist in the cabin.  Closed the heat control valve, reduced power and "bee-lined" to the airfield with good oil pressure while venting the cabin. Taxied in with good oil pressure to a shutdown in front of my hangar.

What a mess...I was down to just below the min line on the dipstick.  Luckily I have another oil cooler (AERO-Classics) on the shelf which I've been meaning to put on since this summer.  I've heard bits and pieces regarding the quality of the UL provided oil cooler and wanted to see if a different cooler might help out with cooling (and quality?)  Anyway, something to think about I guess...

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No external oil cooler would be much better.

Jan, I hadn't considered that! I bet I could do without the external oil cooler during the winter months.  Probably not during the summer though.  It's kinda of beyond my brain bandwidth to consider cowling design which might enable me to go without an oil cooler thru summer.  Any thoughts?  Cheers!   Dave...

Yes, I blew two off the supplied ULP oil coolers in first 80 hour on my 750. See attached photos of my installed Aero Classics. I made brackets, and installed four  rubber mounts. Also had to widen and lower o/,c nose. 320 hours. now. 



  Your mounting approach differs from what I visualized. Any chance of more photos of your finished install? They don’t have to be perfect, just good enough to provide idea of how you attached to block, bends, etc. Any insights on how to modify cowling would be appreciated. I was not planning on using rubber mounts, your thoughts and using them would be appreciated.

  Like David’s plane, mine is sitting in hanger with parts strewn around awaiting assembly. With 260 hours on clock I am becoming uneasy with flying without install of new cooler.

  Feel free to call.


Ph 208 785-2561


Subject: ULP oil cooler replacement with Aero-classics on 750.

Attached photos:



Great pics, tomorrow I will have access to break, can hardly wait to use your ideas!


David, my photo of the ULP oil cooler leak after landing, refilling oil and starting engine for a look see.


Thanks for posting and chiming in Ron!  I'm going to ponder this in the workshop and hangar this week and see what might work.  Your solution seems quite stout and I do like the rubber isolation mounts.  Cheers!   Dave...


Photo's of a ULP engine on a Sonex OneX.

I installed a AREO-CLASSICS oil cooler. Low time to date.


Ron Simonsen 



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