Are there any AD's for the Zenith 701/750 (or any of the Zenith's)? I am scheduled for Airworthiness inspection next Wednesday and while filling out form 8130-6, there is a box in Section III asking for Airworthiness Directives and the date of the last AD supplement.

I asked Zenith and was told to check with the DAR/inspector.

The FAA inspector said, "I recommend you view the FAA.GOV website to search for ADs on your aircraft at"

I then searched the FAA site with every description of Zenith aircraft I could come up with and haven't found any AD's. Am i missing something?

Do I just put "N/A" in the box on form 8130-6?

I am using the EAA Step-by-step certification guide for most of my examples on how/what to fill out.

Any other thoughts or suggestions as I prepare for the inspection?

Thanks in advance!

P.S. If you haven't seen it and are interested, here is the link to a short video of my customized "sky jeep" build (start at 45 seconds if you don't want to read the first few informative slides).

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AD’s technically do not apply to experimental aircraft.  They apply to certified aircraft.  See this article

However Zenith has several suggested update/fixes you may want to look at and incorporate into your build.  I place copies in my maintenance records along with actions taken.  You can find the information in Builder Resources on Zenith site.


When I bought my partially-completed Zenith kit, I called the local FSDO to be sure there would be no FAA snags in the documentation of the purchase.  A "seasoned" (to put it kindly) FAA official asked me what I was building and I told him "a Zenith STOL CH750."  Before I barely got that out of my mouth, he came back with "you know there's an AD on that kit's wing, right?"  Right there, I knew he didn't know what he was talking about since (a) there is no such thing as an AD on a EAB and, (b) the "AD" was actually a factory safety directive on the 601 wing, not the 750.  He followed up with "you're going to have to fix that wing," which he repeated several times during the conversation.  At this point, I just wanted to get off the phone with this guy, so I said, "Yes, I'm aware, and I'm sure the wing will be correct before the AW inspection!"  (I was "sure" because there was nothing wrong with the 750's wing! Ha!)

To be fair, the guy just didn't have his facts straight but he was trying to prevent a serious problem - he just had the wrong airplane!  I decided then and there to get a DAR that was knowledgeable about Zenith aircraft.  However, since that time, I understand there are some younger, better informed guys at that same FSDO and some of our builders have had a great experience with the AW inspections performed by them!

For more fun and games with the FAA, see A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the FSDO!



Since YOU are the manufacturer, there are no ad's against your aircraft. Just lookup biweekly ad's on faa site and enter the current edition in the box. Right now, the number is 2018-17.

Thanks guys! I knew this was a good place to get the answer. Putting the current edition AD date in the box seems like a good idea too. I have tried to look through all the Zenith updates/fixes and think my plane is current on everything. I am scheduled for 2 guys from the FSDO in Nashville to come out for my inspection next wednesday. I talked to a recommended DAR also, but decided to give the FSDO guys a try and save the $500 the DAR was going to charge. I hope this turns out to be a good decision and everything goes well.

I have been communicating with the inspector and think I have emailed all the required forms to him so they could have most of the paperwork complete before they get here.

(fingers crossed...)


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