Does anyone have any info as to what EFIS's are able to interface with the FADEC used by Aeromomentum?  I don't yet want to bother Mark with a call or inquiry. 

Curious if anyone has any more knowledge as to what EFIS can interface, or what communications standard they are using.  I am just starting to research engines and the AM series are of great interest.  The EFIS by SkyVionics being marketed as compatable to AM is not desirable to me. 

I was hoping that Dynon would be an option for reading engine data from the FADEC.  If not yet maybe in the future?  

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What about SDS ? They are old reliable ecu for fuel injection/ electric ignition ! Been building for race cars/aircraft for 20+ yrs

I assume Aeromomentum is using the Microsquirt or Bosch. I agree the the SDS system is just as "good". When buying the AM it comes with the ECU in the "engine package" that is already programed and has been dynoed, etc.  I would rather not have to set up my own ECU maps, not to mention dyno time to tune the system.  If I was putting together my own "package" then I would find an ECM that was know to interface with Dynon with relative ease.

I used dynon- SDS For suby 2.5 powered RV4


What kind of data were you able to feed to the Dynon? 

Did it require an adapter or did it use CAN? 

I am interested in PID's for general engine parameters, fuel flow, mixture, EGT, TPS, CTS, etc. 

Possibly trouble code status, fault indications. ETC.

Been googling my "rear" off and seem very hard to find any info as to aeromotive use and integration with ECU's and EFIS's in experimentals.

We bought a GRT EFIS with a CAN interface. They promised to work with me on adding the CAN IDs to their interface. Mark told me that MGL also supports the AeroMomentum engine.

I don't know about Dynon or Garmin, though.

I am going to be integrating the Microsquirt with a Dynon Skyview.  Still trying to get smart on the subject, and since the vast majority of my flying has been with turbine engines, I am not as familiar with reciprocating engines.  That said, it looks like the FADEC compensates for pressure and temperature to give the correct fuel/air mixture, so monitoring things like cylinder head temperature is less critical.  The required parameters are sent to the Engine Control Unit, so they should be available to the Dynon system as well.  While reading up on the Dynon Engine Monitoring System installation, it is possible to create user defined limits.  Also, for fuel flow they EMS will compare input and return fuel flows to figure out what the engine is using.

I hope to get mine running soon and will give updates!


I wonder if it is possible to calculate Fuel Flow by using injector "on" time.  With a known fuel pressure, flow rate and duration of the injectors seems fuel flow should be easy to figure.  I am interested to know how easy integrating the MS with the Dynon is when you get it figured out.  I know the ability to use the factory sensors for integrating to the Dynon is easy enough to do, I would figure there would be a way to use the data on the data stream and just read it off the network by the Dynon.  I have done some preliminary digging but have yet to determine what protocol the MS ECU's are using, or for sure what protocols the Dynon is able to communicate with.  Look forward to your updates.


I ordered the AM13 and will install a complete MGL package. Didn't get that far to analyze the compatibility in detail, but from what I talked with Mark K and the MGL people, they (devices) will work together.


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